Until the Son of God Sings


[The following is a conversation with Raj which just occurred. Enjoy!]

PAUL: Good afternoon, Raj. This morning started off well, with a great conversation with Susan—on the same page, and everything. I felt the movement of getting up and starting each day with a communication—a “thought for the day,” so to speak—on the website. Extension, in other words. Being the answer. Giving voice to the answer, rather than being stuck in the problem.

Then two bill-paying phone calls came in and I unconsciously shifted—afterwards becoming self-righteous and argumentative with Susan.

Now I’m having to get back on track—join with you.

RAJ: Good afternoon, Paul.

Relax. When you get off track, nothing has actually happened, and getting back on track has no process to it. Let it go.

You truly are faced with learning the necessity of staying joined. And not being joined is now a sharp contrast. In other words, not being joined no longer has pleasant aspects to it. This is good, even though it is very uncomfortable. You must learn, however, to recognize the “pain” quickly and abandon the independence instead of justifying and defending it, which you are not doing.

PAUL: Okay. I’m off the self-righteous anger bit, but I’m not feeling the wind in my sails—more like a doldrum.

RAJ: You still have yourself on your mind, even as you listen to me. Give me your attention.

PAUL: All right.

RAJ: Remember, the place where we are when you’re joined with me is the holy instant, where God’s laws prevail—as well as God’s Love. Remember also that the reason you turn to me—the “pain”—is not real. Therefore, no clarity will come regarding the “pain.” Let it serve its purpose of turning you toward me and release it. Staying in it as though it will be changed does create the experience of a doldrum. Nothing will change it. You will abandon it.

You will shift your attention to me and all that is with me here—Love, light, inspiration, peace. And, most importantly, these will not be something to relax into and abide in, but something to share, extend—actively give.

If you do not let them move you, causing you to engage in involvement with your brothers, you will feel no movement. It’s impossible to feel Love, light, inspiration, or peace, alone in the privacy of your mind. You may feel moved and inspired, but it will always be a movement and inspiration to act! And if the action does not follow . . . then doldrums, emptiness, uselessness, hopelessness and depression will.

As I shared with Susan, you may wake up to the broadcast horrors and dilemmas of the day, but whether its on the world scene or in your immediate circumstances, they are always “a work in progress”—never to be seen with finality. One must let them turn his attention to me, or the Holy Spirit and all that accompanies us, so that it moves him to gift the Answers in acts of brotherhood—involvement.

No matter how aggressive the assertions of lovelessness, no matter how offensive the acts of hate, no matter how final they declare themselves to be , they are transitory . . . and it’s not over until the Son of God sings!

Now, let this conversation be your gift, your song—today’s “thought for the day”—and share it with everyone.


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12 Responses to Until the Son of God Sings

  1. miguel Carvalho says:

    Beautiful, awesome words Paul and Raj. I love You too. Thank You both.

  2. HolySonofGOd says:

    God’s only purpose is to make happy. We are all Sons and Daughters of God and so our purpose is to make our brothers and sisters happy. That needs to be our involvement.

  3. Anastasia says:

    Thank God! Thank you Raj, Paul and Susan. Can’t find the words….. I am filled with deep feelings of Love and gratitude as I allow myself to embrace these gifts!

  4. Ellen Greenwood says:

    Thank you! This is exactly what I needed too. May we sing!

  5. Penny Mackay says:

    What a wonderful gift of clarity from one with the bigger picture. I am so grateful.

  6. Christine Garnaud says:

    Thank you Paul and Raj, this made a good beginning to my day!
    With love and light,

  7. Barbara Bohme says:

    I am glad for your inspiration and I feel blessed to be invited to partake of your wisdom and of your intimacy too. Thank you.

  8. p y says:

    Thank you Raj and Paul for singing this gift of love to us All. Jean

  9. Sharon Nicholson says:

    Thank you Paul and Raj. This is wonderful and speaks directly to what is helpful for me too.

    I’m very grateful for the blessings and clarity for me in this message and for both of you and
    the loving Gifts you give to all of us.

    I will also share this message, gratefully. amen

    In love and peace,

  10. Gene says:

    “It ain’t over until the Son of God sings!” Ya gotta love it!

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