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As in Heaven, So on Earth . . .

———-oOo———- Dear friends, It is the Father’s Will that His Sons and Daughters not suffer the illusions of sin, sickness and death. It is the Father’s Will that healing and correction of all inequities be experienced here and now, not … Continue reading

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Urgent Update

———-oOo———- Dear friends, There is still a significant need for support with only three days to go. Your help is invited to cover the balance of $3,200 which is due on the 20th of September. Thank you.

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Out of the Silence

———-oOo———- Dear friends, We have been very quiet for the past four weeks, and I thank everyone for your patience. It has been a period of challenge wherein choosing between the Voice for Truth or the voice for fear has … Continue reading

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Lift Your Voice in Praise

—-oOo—- PAUL: I need instruction before this day begins. Yesterday I could not abandon self-righteousness and anger. I couldn’t stop being mad at those who want me to help them make their dilemma more tolerable rather than correct it and … Continue reading

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Until the Son of God Sings

—-oOo—- [The following is a conversation with Raj which just occurred. Enjoy!] PAUL: Good afternoon, Raj. This morning started off well, with a great conversation with Susan—on the same page, and everything. I felt the movement of getting up and … Continue reading

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