The Circle of Giving


Dear friends,

Everyone is aware that the constancy of this work is the result of a circle of giving—a gifting of love, generosity, kindness and appreciation which has endured for over thirty years, extending its blessing around the globe for all to enjoy without strings.

The engine that has impelled this circle of giving has not been “obligation” but an impulse from the heart—an actual act of caring from everyone—which has set this work apart, keeping holiness and the true meaning of Brotherhood in sight and always close at hand.

Giving everything away without some form of guaranteed security in return is not the norm, but we persist in doing it month ofter month, year after year, setting a precedent that defies logic, challenges the supposed need of transactional business practices, and illuminates the statement from the Course, “To have, give all to all.”

We will continue doing this—sharing Truth so It may be shared again, and shared again, and given, and given, and given again by each new transformed mind which It has blessed. And when the funds to carry on the work have dwindled down below a certain point, I will let you know, inviting everyone’s support, as I am doing now.

It is the beginning of the month and
the balance in the Foundation’s bank account
is $255.00

Thank you for the part you play in this circle of giving and the constancy it substantiates.

Kingston, Washington
August 2nd
, 2014


When you enter the amount,
do not place a dollar sign ($) in the box.
Doing so will interfere with
the completion of the transaction.
Contributions made through PayPal should be made to
PayPal is set up to deposit these contributions
directly into the Foundation’s account.
If you have any reluctance about making online contributions
or would like to set up automatic monthly contributions
please call Paul at
any time between noon and midnight
Pacific Daylight Time

and he will process your contribution directly.
Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.
Contributions can also be mailed directly to:
P.O. Box 1490
Kingston, WA 98346-1490


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