Waking Up or Checking Out


Dear friends,

The relative silence during the past four weeks, the absence of updates and appreciation for everyone’s wonderful support (which did indeed meet the needs), and the fact that we have only had one Study Group during that period has been due to Paul’s learning that a very good friend—a student of the Course and of mine—was told he had a terminal condition with only a short time to live, and that he had made a commitment to dying!

This friend’s sudden “sanctification” of disease and death—claiming that he has realized that they are part of the naturalness of life—together with his demand that no one pray for his healing or contradict his new-found revelation, not only ignores the fact that there is no order of difficulty in miracles, it renders miracles meaningless. This change of attitude has been very hard for Paul to deal with, even with my help, and he has not been dealing with it well.

On top of this, the 20th of the month is only four days away and the usual support of approximately $4,000 is once again needed. But this time it has been difficult for Paul to overcome the inertia of his distress with his friend and let me share the need. So, I am providing you with less than usual notice.

I will share with you that we will be holding a Study Group in the next few days, and we will be discussing these things further. The inertia and its discomfort need to be broken!

Thank you to everyone for your patience, understanding and ongoing support.

Kingston, Washington
July 16th
, 2014



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2 Responses to Waking Up or Checking Out

  1. I trust that each and every one Is embraced by and following their guidance amidst their lightedness and their fear – and teaching what it is they have chosen to learn. For whatever seems to issue from our mask – it is what is in our heart that speaks of our truth unto the Spirit that reflects all that we are. Death is not your concern – but waking, and in willingness, aligning and yielding to the Life – WHATEVER the current reflections of experience.
    A negatively defined self will generate negative outcomes from even positive experience, but a positively defined self will result in a reintegrative experience – a positive experience – from WHATEVER. This ‘Happy Dream’ is the condition in which Light remembers Itself beyond all definition. But first one must recognise and release one’s own negative or self-separating self-definition beneath the experience of a separated’, threatened, conflicted and coercive sense of self WHATEVER forms of reinforcement it then generates as experience.
    Until there is a thirst for a truth of self-honesty brought present – the sense of self is unquestioned, unchallenged and presumed true amidst experience of a world that seems self-evident proof of its reality.
    What seems to witness the powerlessness or weakness of our self is actually a perfect example of the power of our Mind – of our Word. Only love’s innocence is free of the fear of true power – for the idea of usurping it for one’s ‘self’ makes Remembrance the ‘death’ of such ‘self’.
    In every death we pass through and find Life Lives, is the idea of death replaced by Life – but not as we defined it before. Yielding the ‘personal will’ by pausing and listening in the heart for the Movement of Being – which contains also your unique signature resonance within the Movement, is a realigning with an Already Perfection. This One Awakens All – for All are in One as One is in All.
    The prodigal son’s turnabout came after bottoming out in the willingness to remember the Father – the Already Perfect Source. But because of the nature of his belief in wretchedness, invalidity, and unworthiness, his willingness was as a servant in his Father’s House. This can be read as if it means being of service in the world, but our Father’s House is Consciousness that then Speaks Itself and is communicated and reflected in our world. To be of service within Consciousness is the willingness to an an instrument of Thy Peace – and of all that is communicated THROUGH such willingness that allows and invites – (or hold firm in persistent willingness FOR Peace).
    The honesty of our being is the witness of a present Peace – even if what we are honestly owning is a sense of great difficulty. If Peace is not the nature of our felt communication – then we are not yet owning our own.
    “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”, applies equally to the thoughts we judge against and reject, instead of yielding to the Embrace of our very Existence.
    It is the Father’s Joy – the Movement of Be-ing – that illuminates the true, dispelling the false. That Identifies “Son” replacing the two-ness of servant and Master, and reveals all in the light of your joy uniquely expressed as You – who are far more than a character in a play – and become now the opportunity to play out the script in a new way. To act from a true appreciation instead of a false witness that began with your self-definition. In this one is not here to survive or prevail but to go forth and multiply the true Word that has been restored to your heart – in this moment – in this moment as it flows – not in time so much as From Source.
    Making the Choice is not a means to get something so much as a true expression of what and who you are. Consistency will reflect back to you – but you can see now that All Good is of the Father – and not in the ‘world’ in and of itself. The true reflection is of an integrated Wholeness as WHATEVER is truly lived free of coercive will. That we uncover conditions in which we are triggered into reactive habits of separative identification and struggle is the prompt and pointer for the focus of our innocent enquiry – UNLESS it is your word or choice that it confirm a self-negative image and belief you WANT to be true. Yet even to notice this choice is a prompt to bring curiosity to bear on what beliefs are running that give rise to making such a choice.
    In every true curiosity, Answer is revealed according to the willingness to receive it. Willingness grows as it becomes awake to its true nature. The Second Coming is by your willingness and through your willingness – which Speaks to all as one Mind Awakening.

  2. Barbara Bohme says:

    That is wonderful. I am so glad the need for last moth has been met, and I am very grateful to hear about our dear friends; I am glad they are well. Thank you Paul for allowing this communication. To me, who is in a similar situation, it is very meaningful that you have come to be with us in spite of the difficulty. I hold you lovingly in mind dear Paul and Susan and friend, and I am grateful for your perseverance.

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