Like Grace Notes . . .


You must treat your questions like grace notes. Ask them, and get off of them quickly! And listen! This is a key point. The “questioner” and the feelings behind the question are illusory. The questions do not arise from the questioner, but from the need to Know. In other words, there is an ignorance—an apparently empty space which is actually already full—and the fullness insinuates itself into your conscious awareness.

In other words, the Holy Spirit supplies the Answer you haven’t yet asked for, and you feel a curiosity. Do not embellish that curiosity with a “personality.” Do not let the curiosity create a persona of “one who is curious.” Get off of the question and let your attention move to the Answer.

Remember, the Answer elicits the question—not the questioner! This means that no matter who I seem to be talking to, what I am saying is arising out of the Wholeness of those I am addressing and not out of their emptiness and how they might be feeling about it.

It is my function, and the Holy Spirit’s function, to reestablish what is true as the conscious experience of Being—undoing, negating, dissolving any seeming presence of “an ignorant one.” There simply is no ignorant one to be comforted, improved, enlightened or made whole. That kind of persona is addictive and miserable and blocks one’s Awakening. It keeps him in a constantly guarded, defended attitude, causing everything to be misperceived.

The same thing applies to the apparent relationship of learning with a “learner.” Learning is not the education of an unlearned one. Learning is another way of describing the full-blown emergence of an Answer. It is the undoing of an artificial boundary which causes what is Known to seem to be unknown.

Wholeness will insinuate itself into artificially maintained tininess because Wholeness is actual—omnipresent. This means that all who are dreaming dreams of tininess are engaged in an unavoidable “process” of realization, of Awakening. But it is the uncovering of what one already is, and not the altering or improvement of whatever he thinks he is.

Awakening never starts from the bottom up. It always starts from the top down. There is nothing in the orphanage to draw one’s attention outside of the orphanage. It is a “closed loop,” including only what is within itself.

Only something outside of the orphanage can draw one’s attention beyond the limits of the orphanage.

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4 Responses to Like Grace Notes . . .

  1. miguel says:

    Paul, Raj. Reminded me of Jeremiah 31, 31-35

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