Intimacy of Giving


Dear friends,

The nature of giving is Love. Uncontrolled. Unpredictable. Spontaneous. It is an embrace, a genuine involvement—not only an expression but a demonstration of unity which anchors love in the “human condition,” dissolving what isn’t real and revealing what is.

The nature of giving is the fundamental element of the divine economy which facilitates and impels the Atonement because it is intimate. It is not impersonal, uninvolved or mechanical, since it is an act of Brotherhood—a concrete manifestation of Family which undoes the apparently independent stance of the Sons and Daughters of God who said, “. . . but Father, I’d rather do it my way.”

It may seem awkward or unnatural to engage in intimacy, in caring, when carelessness has become the norm and the mind has become numb and unconscious as it serves the concepts of profit and loss and a transactional economy. But the return of intimacy, of brotherly love—of caring—must occur.

No one should be surprised that he or she feels discounted in so many ways in the world today when my simple invitations for intimacy (caring) seem to arouse in you an awkward or unnatural feeling. You are discounted, because everyone else finds it awkward and unnatural to be intimate with you—to be humane—and you do stand in receipt of that loveless carelessness.

Without the gift of caring,
Brotherhood becomes meaningless.
Right now! Today!

. . . and yet . . .

With the gift of caring,
Brotherhood becomes real, fulfilling, meaningful.
Right now! Today!

It is an instantaneous thing!

I am teaching this through everything I do with you—not only through what I say, but how I say it and what I ask of you. I ask of you to have a sudden shift of perception, a changed way of seeing things, a changed way of being! A changed way of being with each other! And I ask of you to do it now. Here. Not in the next life, or after you die!

You cannot sit there and use the situations in the world or the ignorance of your brothers as proof of the impossibility of what I ask of you. Everyone else is looking at you and coming to the same conclusion! And in your confident blindness, you believe each other and sit there in the ditch.

Love is caring in the “human condition” where it counts, whether you are used to it or not! The gift—the extension—of your affection right in the midst of the inhumanity of the “human condition” exalts it, and the exaltation of it is called the Atonement.

Decide who your teacher is going to be and, taking his or her counsel, dare to be in the world in a new way, no matter whether it’s awkward or unnatural

Kingston, Washington
May 12th, 2014



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2 Responses to Intimacy of Giving

  1. John Ward says:

    Easy for Jesus to say, but it is the only sane and constructive thing to do in this world at this time. So will try that little bit harder. Thank you for being here.

  2. tim mccarthy says:


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