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Stepping Out on the Water

———-oOo———- To everyone: We are entering the month of June, and we do so with gratitude for the generous support that has been received and the great strides taken in the refurbishing project.

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Love Inspires . . .

———-oOo———- “Love inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way” when it is allowed to, and not otherwise! It does not coerce, force, or manipulate anything into some predetermined holy path. It is an embrace which invites, and lets the invitation … Continue reading

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A Sharing!

———-oOo———- Dear friends, During this past week, I shared the following with Paul: “Today I want you to bring your resolve to remembering  that questions are the leading edge of answers, problems are the leading edge of solutions. In other … Continue reading

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A Heads Up!

———-oOo———- Dear friends, As we approach the 20th of the month and the normal expenses which become due, everyone’s support is once again invited. These regular monthly obligations amount to approximately $5,000 and there are insufficient funds to cover them. … Continue reading

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Intimacy of Giving

———-oOo———- Dear friends, The nature of giving is Love. Uncontrolled. Unpredictable. Spontaneous. It is an embrace, a genuine involvement—not only an expression but a demonstration of unity which anchors love in the “human condition,” dissolving what isn’t real and revealing … Continue reading

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