. . . in the Pattern of Love’s Design


Every particle knows where it belongs
in the pattern of Love’s design.



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2 Responses to . . . in the Pattern of Love’s Design

  1. mark d says:

    Seeing this is perfect.

  2. 1cog says:

    Divine Ones,

    It seems that something wonderfully different is happening here at this WordPress Blog for the NWFFACIM: “New” posts from Raj/Paul are arriving almost daily, and although I don’t know who’s selecting the material, collectively the quotes seem to be providing a continuity that’s just for me/us!

    Although the Foundation has been needing to request financial assistance on a regular basis, simultaneously, it also amazes and delights me that Paul has been able to provide his voice for God for over thirty years now without charging for his services or those of the Foundation.

    “Let’s keep the gift going!” It seems reasonable to me that we could be willing to show Paul and the folks at the Foundation that we, ‘have their backs’ by spreading the word about this WordPress Blog through our social media contacts. After all, Raj/Paul/Christ has had our backs for some thirty (+) years now. Even if Paul were to “retire” tomorrow, there’s still a huge amount of material for review here.

    There are currently only a couple hundred folks registered at this Blog?! Let’s spread the word and increase the numbers necessary for supporting the ongoing work of the Northwest Foundation For A Course In Miracles (NWFFACIM) on a love offering basis – on the basis of GIFT, freely given and received. Let’s help promote this free and freeing resource which has helped so many of us with valuable guidance and priceless knowledge of who and what the Christ truly is!

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