Only Through the Silence


You think that the situations you are in—the circumstances—call for you to deal with everything from your intellect. When you are upset with a situation, you think it calls for you to use your best reasoning. It seems to call for you to do everything but move into Silence. And yet, Salvation is arrived at only through the Silence . . . through the inner quietness in which the experience of Soul and Love and Truth can register with you and renew you and cause you to see afresh; which will cause everything you see to seem to be transformed, even though it’s simply returning to its original perfect status which had escaped your attention.

Now, in order to Love one another, it is absolutely essential to become still and ask of God, “What is the Truth here?” and then remain silent. Why? Because the Truth will be revealed to you. The Father and the Holy Spirit—which is nothing more than your right Mind—will disclose to you the Truth, which is a miraculous experience, a wonder-filled experience, a divine experience. And in that experience there is only one behavior that can follow it. And that is the expression of it.

Whatever the clarity is—of the Truth—will constitute your new Perspective and it will be a wonder to you and it will be wonderful to you. And your Vision will bless, it will seem, everything that you were misperceiving before, because the illusion will have fallen away.

ACIM Study Group — January 6th, 2014



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