Instantaneous Correction !


There’s only one thing confronting you at any given moment—at any point in your day or what you call your life.  The one thing that is confronting you is what God is Being.

When I say that, I mean the only thing confronting you is undistorted, perfect Reality which, when you see it through a glass darkly—which means when you put it through the sieve of your personal assessment and interpretations and your attempt to give definition yourself—you see a distorted perception, a misperception. But your perception is not what is there.

This is the fundamental point. Because your perception is not what is actually there, because what I will call “mankind’s perception as to what is there” is not based upon a joining with That which has formed It, you’re seeing something that is not only unreal, you’re seeing something that can disappear instantly, and what had been a bondage to you will not be present any longer, without any process to its disappearance. That is the importance of it. The fact that your misperceptions of what is going on are purely illusory is what means that their correction can be instantaneous!

ACIM Study Group — February 9th, 2014



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2 Responses to Instantaneous Correction !

  1. Dear US
    Here again is a proper delineation separating “your world” from The World that God is “being” at each of the moments of our individual perception. You asking in the “two step” the holy instant is
    your task for the moment —— dispelling the world of past impressions in your ego minds “response from the past” and Gods present “all things new” Being.

  2. Steven says:

    This is something I can really identify with as genuine. The truth lies upon a firm foundation is the message for me.

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