Make Room for What You’re Not Expecting


Watch out . . . watch out for any technique that you find being used that distorts your perception and causes you to doubt the true Meaning, the true value, the actual divinity of absolutely everything—which seems to justify your standing apart from It . . . “rising above it” as they used to say.

Whatever you feel like rising above, whatever you feel uninclined to expend the energy on, catch yourself and give your attention and energy there!

What does that mean? It means to bring your curiosity there. It doesn’t mean to bring some capacity you have in your mind to force a new perception into the picture. It doesn’t mean to exercise a form of will through creative imagination. It calls for peace in you. It calls for silence in you. It calls for the humility in you that allows you to abandon “control”—which means creating new ideas or abiding by ideas already established in your mind—and making room for what you’re not expecting, making room for what you don’t know, which isn’t the exercise of will at all. It’s the presence of yielding. You hear that? It’s the presence of yielding—letting in.

So, the next time you’re in a circumstance which seems to be less than the best—to be one that you would rather not be associated with, or some dilapidated property along the road—catch yourself! Don’t go down that road of judgment and false superiority in your mind. Humble yourself to bring wonder into play. That’s what curiosity is. Wonder! “I wonder what the truth is?” “I wonder what is actually right there where I seem to see a strange land that I don’t fit in.”

In the simple act of wonder, that which is wonderful comes forth and that is the only way it does. You see?

In a way it’s like being a super-sleuth, because you want to get past all the fol-de-rol, all of the belief structures which cause what you’re looking at to seem to you to be a strange land, and make you seem to be a stranger in it, when the fact is that as the holy Son or Daughter of God, you are inseparable from Creation in all of its flawless perfection. And so, you’re not a stranger in It and you’re not not of It! It’s a unity.

ACIM Study Group — February 9th, 2014




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3 Responses to Make Room for What You’re Not Expecting

  1. Nancy says:

    OMG This is my first time reading any of this stuff and it is so appropriate for me right now, Thank you Anne

  2. Dear US:
    This is the best, most needed correction to the invalid and invalidating ideas which a majority of
    course student/teachers are repeating from non-channeled sources today. The idea that our world,
    our Heaven, provided by The Father must be overlooked– “risen above” comes from “thinking”
    instead of stepping back and checking with your divinity– asking your Guide to show you the
    divinity in the observed being or situation.
    Encourage your ACIM friends to listen to RaJesus and see with new vision, The Course that they haven’t “really explored yet” by seeking their Guide and getting the new “holy” perception by yielding to the right mind that is always with them —Which only requires the Two-step (the Raj
    inspired vernacular for the Holy Instant)!

  3. Eva Hawkins says:

    This touches me in tje heart . I feel its really helpful. Thank you.

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