Someone Has to Correct the Misperception


When each of you arrived at a point where you chose to be the authorizer of the meanings of your world—which really meant that you were choosing to redefine the Kingdom of Heaven that was God’s—you moved yourself from the experience of Knowing into the experience of thinking. You had to use thinking and logic in order to express demonstrably intelligent ideas in order to motivate people to do your bidding to benefit you. And you had to be smart enough to find a way to do it so that they felt like they were benefitting too.

It’s utter incredible deceit. 

And, in the act of switching from the divine experience of Knowing all things to the experience of thinking, so as to become an authorizer who could be in control, you found yourself experiencing mortality.

This is very important.

There is a fundamental mindset that every single one of you on your globe buys into—you’re not aware it’s a mutual agreement, you think it’s a fact, and so it has never occurred to you to challenge it—and that is, that you are a mortal: that you’re born of a sperm and an egg, of a purely physical act, caused by little bits of matter joining together in a very creative way, causing you, an individuality, a physical being that will grow and suffer and die

You all believe that! And because you don’t challenge it, you behave as though it’s the truth. And you grow, and you become old, and you experience difficulty and you die, all because you have abandoned Knowing in favor of thinking—because you wanted to get a divorce from the Father and be an independent agent.

That act causes eternal life to seem to be temporary suffering.

I’ve said before, that there are three things that God does not allow you to have:  Sin, disease and death. How does God not allow you to have them? By not having created them. Because they were not created, they are not available as a real experience, only as an imagined experience. And so you have what appear to be millenniums of birth, life and death which, from time to time, what you call “seers” have challenged and have inspired those on your globe to look at differently. But no one has taken them seriously, not even the ones who resurrected or ascended.

Now I am here to remind you of the truth over and over and over, so that you might be reminded of the truth enough to embrace it and not resist it, and let it infill you and, I’m going to say, consume you so completely that your false perceptions drop away because you’ve lost interest in validating them. 

Someone has to correct the misperception.

ACIM Study Group — June 30th 2013

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3 Responses to Someone Has to Correct the Misperception

  1. Jean Adams says:

    Why do I keep forgetting this truth? Thank You for reminding me.

  2. Gail says:

    I thank God for you!

  3. tim mccarthy says:

    thank you for reminding me of the truth over and over and over so as to let it consume me that I may remind my brothers and sisters over and over and over.

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