You See?


How do you cope with self-righteousness? You abandon it. You go within, into the silence, and you ask of the Father or the Holy Spirit or your Guide or me, “What is Your Perspective?” “What is the Father’s Perspective?” “Share it with me.” “Reveal it to me.” “Infill me with it, so that I may have the true experience, not the false imaginative experience of the orphan mentality—the victim.”

You see?

Many movies these days lose the ability to inspire, because they adopt the vantage point of the victim. And if the answer that heals, if the answer that corrects, if the practice of intelligence which causes relief to come, enters into the picture at all, it’s very brief and isn’t really the point of the picture, because the picture was about the struggle. The victim vantage point was the vantage point from which the film was madeconceived.

You see?

Do you want that which clarifies? Then you must abandon the victim mentality that you are feeling. You must stop validating it. You must shut it up, and you must say, “Father, what is the truth here? I want nothing but the experience of Your Perspective.” “Holy Spirit, perform Your Function of uncovering to me my right Mind, which is my natural capacity to experience the Father’s Perspective—a capacity He instilled in me because He withheld nothing of what He is when He  created me. I am going to stop playing around with the excitement of thinking, of valuing my opinion more than the truth, of valuing my perspective more than the Father’s.”

You see? 

ACIM Study Group — August 11th, 2013




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One Response to You See?

  1. Sonia D'Oliveira says:

    Yes Beloved Jesus and Paul, yes I SEE. There is another way to look at absolutely everything and it is with God’s, Christ’s Vision ONLY!!! Thank you!!!

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