Take One Second and Snuff it Out


You know what the evidence of ego is? Thinking!

Well, if you wipe out thinking, what’s left? Infinity and Eternity is what’s left. You think of Eternity as endless time? No. You take one second and snuff it out—that’s Eternity. Take thinking, or just one thought, and snuff it out and what’s left? You, as that Conscious Awareness, that state of being Aware which is not different from the infinite Mind or intelligence that God Is.

It is your thinking that you think gives you your uniqueness and your individuality. “I don’t think like she thinks.” “I don’t think like he thinks.” “Thank God, I don’t think the way they think!” That means you’re making choices about what you think because you think that what you think gives you your identity. And so you “create” yourself by means of the particular—and I will say peculiar—thoughts that you choose which create a presence that you have some respect for . . . that you like. But always it will be something different from everyone else, because that is what gives you your uniqueness.

Well, you see, I mentioned when we first started that here we are in an institution of higher learning, but we were going to uncover what you knew before you started learning. Well, we are going to uncover, and your process of Awakening is going to uncover Who you were before you started thinking particular thoughts that you thought gave you a particular identity. And this Something that you were before you started giving yourself identity by means of your thoughts, this Something that was there was unflawed (and is still unflawed) and was the embodiment of the Movement of Creation . . .

I realize that I am going on at some length here, but all of this is important.

. . . (repeating)  the embodiment of the Movement of Creation.

Which words are you going to home in on? Embodiment? Movement? Creation? I want you to think of embodiment relative to movement, like a wave is a movement—a wave as it is an embodiment of movement. It isn’t so much an embodiment of form, because the form constantly changes. It’s an embodiment of movement. You are the embodiment of movement, and the Movement is Creation happening.

You hear of being co-creators with God. As you wake up, you find yourself experiencing things through God’s point of view because you’re not claiming a point of view separate from the Father’s for yourself any longer. You’re not claiming to be a presence different from the Movement of God any longer. And in that sense, you might say, for a fraction of a moment you will feel as though you are co-creating with God.

Then you will realize that even that little sense of separation which allowed you to feel that you were consciously engaged in the Movement of Creation with God will be snuffed out, and you will Know that you are that Movement, Itself, which is God Being—which is Creation. And you will find yourself, for lack of better words, forever experiencing everything new. This is your Birthright.

This is what constitutes fulfillment . . . and it is a fulfillment that cannot be taken away from you. It is a fulfillment that hasn’t been taken away from you. But to whatever degree you decided you wanted to see how things looked from “this” vantage point or “that” vantage point, you chose to temporarily experience things from less than an infinite viewpoint—less than the Father’s point of view. And so you ignored your Birthright for an experience! And it was okay. And it is still okay. Except it isn’t your Birthright, and therefore you will not feel at Home with it. And there will be something present that will say there is more than this, or there has to be a better way.

Finally you will yield. You will stop saying, “I am going to create my own identity. I am going to stop valuing my thinking so much. And I am going to start sensing into the Movement of Creation that I have been told I’m inseparable from so that I might get with It by yielding into It and feeling the vitality of It/Myself.”

This does all relate.

When you yield into the Father’s point of view by not valuing your thinking so much any more, when you are willing to assume that maybe you don’t know what it’s all about—and maybe you don’t know any of what it’s about “from the standpoint of thinking and reasoning”—that is when you can begin to dare to let in more. That is when you can learn to become quiet enough to make room for something that existed before your thoughts—something that exists at this moment, you might say, behind your thoughts, and is always there for you to access.

Workshop in Gold Coast, Australia — 1993

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