Do Not Value the Meaningless


Listen carefully: Unexpressed God is nonexistent God. There cannot be God without the infinite expression of God. In exactly the same way, you cannot exist without the visible, tangible evidence of your existence. Therefore, you will never be unidentified or unidentifiable. Your Individuality is truly the Presence of God in expression.

It is a healing fact that your body is rendering visible and tangible God’s Presence. God is whole, complete, and as His expression, you are whole and complete. Regardless of how it appears at the moment, that is the present fact about you. Therefore, it is inconsistent and unintelligent for you to adopt a theory that a manifestation of incompleteness is somehow valuable and meaningful. Do not validate or energize such an idea.

Workshop in Overjise, Belgium — 1992



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One Response to Do Not Value the Meaningless

  1. bs says:

    Thankyou for this revealing of the body as the extension/reflection of Infinite Existence, as the FACT beneath all seeming, and of the integral inclusion of such love as is not actually polluted, for this consciousness moment of appreciation and re-membering.
    Having entranced myself within a reflection by adopting such a focus, I welcome being reminded that within that focus is only frustration, that I am ‘doing to myself’ – and that THAT is not Who I am – with All That Is – no matter how intense the emotional hooks or the defined personal interpretations they reinforce.
    To look up from the reflected image is to ‘look within’. What is it about bad tv? It is that it triggers either positive or negative identifications or hooks that keep one ‘s attention occupied in time.
    I have a sense that the freedom to have the choice to limit the awareness of freedom must allow the choice to be a choice – for to reject choice is also to limit freedom. But to see the choice clearly for what it actually is, and leave it behind, is very different from defining an evil choice and giving rise to the fear of an evil will,
    Leaving the bait hanging… forever, is not wilfully getting rid of the bait excepting as the focus of a resonant and relevant choice for one’s awakened appreciation of being, in which there is no – as you say – validating or energizing of any idea of lack or incompleteness.

    In Peace


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