Try to Keep the Role?


You know, some of you don’t like being lonely. Some of you, let’s say, who have been mothers—or even parents—and your role has been to be a mother . . . and the children grow . . . and the children leave . . . and the house is empty . . . and you have no one to mother or father . . . and your life is empty, meaningless . . .

Well . . . the role of mother is a temporary one that serves a function, but it isn’t who you Are! It isn’t what you Are. And to try to keep the role when there’s no one to practice it on, causes depression because it’s constantly meaningless.

But! You know what? When you find yourself alone—if you find yourself without personal friends, if you find yourself without associations that you used to have—be grateful because you have the opportunity and the time and the quietness to become still and practice the holy instant, the two-step.

All of you play roles with each other if you’re not listening to Guidance. Count on it! There’s nothing original or Real about what you’re doing if you’re just bouncing off of each others’ egos. And so, if you have the quiet time and the space in which to ask of the Holy Spirit what the truth is—to engage in learning—be grateful  because you’re not being distracted by your spontaneous tendencies to fulfill a role with your Brother or Sister when you’re in the way with them.

Then, as a result of your practicing the holy instant and experiencing the influx of the Father’s Perspective so that you are able to bear witness to It, you are in a perfect position to have an encounter with a Brother or Sister or friend and not be immediately sucked back into the habitual role, the habitual way of relating to each other that causes you to reinforce the orphan mentality again.

Your job is to love one another, which means your job is to bear witness for each other—which means to bear witness to the Father in them that you are experiencing because you said, “Before I engage in a relationship with my Brother I am going to join with the Father so that I can see my Brother truly and be with him from there.” That is the Answer. That is the step to your salvation. That is the means of your Awakening.

ACIM Study Group — January 28th, 2014



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