Looking at Self-righteousness


Sin, disease and death are the effect of the practice of self-righteousness and the effect is on you, who is practicing it. Self-righteousness, practiced by your Brother or Sister affects them in their practice of it, not you. And so, to think that you, through the practice of the two-step, will engage in an activity that will cause your Brother to start treating you better is a misunderstanding.

Again: The human condition—the dream of existence—was the result of a mutual agreement engaged in by two Sons or Daughters of God. And Waking up is the undoing of those mutual agreements. It is the undoing of the mutuality of a special relationship in which special definitions, imaginative definitions, have been arrived at and agreed to and committed to. You see?

It’s the undoing of the relationship, which means—and this is the part that no one really wants to hear—it means that you and you alone have the means of abandoning the practice of self-righteousness and, in the abandonment of it, having your mind be healed. You see?

In a way it is totally private. It is something you must do in the withinness of your Being, without regard to your Brothers or Sisters, so that peace replaces the frustration and the self-righteous anger of self-righteousness, causing your mind to become clear, unconfused, at peace within itself, so that it is able to let the Father’s Perspective register with it—register with you—and in that Revelation be healed yourself, so that your perspective of your Brother is changed . . .

. . . not changed because you’re trying to change your Brother’s perspective, but because you’ve attended to the only thing you can attend to, which is whether you’re going to continue to practice self-righteousness, or whether you are going to abandon it by abandoning the special relationship and letting your Brother off the hook, and letting yourself off the hook by no longer saying, “My Brother will be the death of me yet.” “My daughter or my son will be the death of me yet” “Someone else in some magical way can ruin me, ruin my life.”

You cannot die from someone else’s self-righteousness. You hear that? You cannot die from someone else’s self-righteousness! You can access eternal life by abandoning your practice of self-righteousness. And in your acceptance and receipt of eternal life, you will find yourself being transformational . . . but not because you’re trying to. You will be transformational because you will no longer be participating with your Brothers and Sisters in mutual agreements that all of you believe are law and have committed yourselves to. You see?

The whole reason for looking at what self-righteousness is, and the need to abandon it, and your act of abandoning it, is because that brings forth the conscious experience of God’s Perspective in you and returns you to your right Mind, which right now is called the Holy Spirit because you’ve divorced yourself from It. And that is the process of the Movement of Awakening.

ACIM Study Group — July 14th, 2013



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4 Responses to Looking at Self-righteousness

  1. This has touched me deeply and given me a deeper clarity; especially this part:
    “It’s the undoing of the relationship, which means—and this is the part that no one really wants to hear—it means that you and you alone have the means of abandoning the practice of self-righteousness and, in the abandonment of it, having your mind be healed. You see?”

    Holy Spirit has been showing me for a while, in a gentle loving way, that I was being self-righteous sometimes when I shared about experiences that gave me clarity, insights, etc. Sometimes making it more about ‘me, the ego’ than about God Being All.

    I was wondering if it was true I was doing that sometimes and in reading this and letting it in, I’m sure I have done that. Now, being more clear, I can step back and let God Be God in me and through me more often; until it is always.

    Thank You Raj and Paul for these many, many blessings you give to all of us.

    You and they bless my life and help me let go of crap and Be more Real.

    Loving you with a grateful heart,

  2. Gail says:

    I am aware that fear is always the disturbance beneath my moments of self-righteousness. I become afraid for the welfare of someone whether myself or another in response to the behavior of another…a behavior I judge most commonly because I do not understand it. Recently I have been telling myself, that my lack of understanding of behavior or the expressed reasons for it is not a justification for judgement. This is immediately helpful. Owning the truth of this illuminates another response to my fear: in what am I putting my faith? If I am putting my faith in Truth, no fear would arise. However, as you tell us that fear and guilt will accompanying us until we Awaken fully, I remember that my fear is a call to Love and as such I do not judge it. This entire mechanism is so in my face everyday. The process involves a behavior, my judgmental response, a remembering that lack of understanding is not justification and a question of faith. If I am able to quiet my mind so as to touch into the Truth, acceptance occurs, followed by release. Unfortunately I have not been able to stand solidly in the Truth, so I have to keep repeating this process, but nevertheless it does work. I am grateful to you for the reminders and that there is indeed a way out of this disfunction. I hope this may help others in their endeavors to give up the habit.

  3. Rick Herranz SR. says:

    Good morning friends
    The idea that the sickness of self righteousness has in times past kept me at a lower level of consciousness in which I held the BELIEF that I often would make myself right and others wrong. I stayed in this habit pattern for years. I held the BELIEF that I needed to be RIGHT in order for me to be happy. Fortunately chapter 30 in the section” Rules for decisions” gives us some Enlightening methods of learning how to discipline the mind and develop new mental habits that lead to liberation and not stay a hostage to the ego. The sickness of self righteousness was just a part of one of the areas where I was stuck in level confusion.

  4. Brian Steere says:

    Without self-wrongeousness would no idea of self-righteousness arise – and be taken seriously.

    By sharing in the suggestions, insinuations and baits of self-wrongeousness – spawned in the blind and blinding urge of a coercive self-image – one chooses to forget or not know, the Holiness, the Innocence, the One-ness of True being.

    What else could self-wrongeousness be – but the active denial of What you Are as the Extension and Expression of Creation Itself?

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