In the Beginning


Let’s back up to the Beginning. If the Beginning can be expressed as steps, we would have to say that in the Beginning, God . . .  In the Beginning, the infinite Mind . . .  In the Beginning, the infinite Mind Moved and Consciousness was born.

Consciousness is the Movement of Mind. Being infinite, being boundless, this infinite Mind—this omnipotent, omnipresent Intelligence—experienced Itself infinitely. And for lack of better words, we could say that in that Movement of Mind, which was Consciousness, God was infinitely individualized without ceasing to be One. And the individualizations were Mankind. And so, in that basic initial Movement of Mind, the Brotherhood of Man and God as infinite Conscious Being came into existence and the Brotherhood of Man experienced Itself as Consciousness, because nothing of what God was, was withheld from that Movement of Mind.

And Man, experiencing what God was Being in Movement, recognized God, confirming Creation to God and, you could say, making God Whole. At the same time, in making God Whole, the Brotherhood of Man—Mankind—made Itself Whole . . . still pure Oneness.

In Its activity of recognizing the Movement of God and confirming God in It, as It, the Function of Being was established forever.

ACIM Study Group — October 6th, 2013



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One Response to In the Beginning

  1. Barb says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful words. The mixture of practical and “theoretical” is perfect for me.

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