A Prerequisite to Learning


There have been times when you have been met with resistance. There have been times that opposition has confronted you and you have said, “Oh, this doesn’t work” [the practice of the holy instant]. Or, you have persisted and persisted and persisted, and there is a stubbornness on the part of the one you are engaging with, based on that one’s internal decisions, that you’re not able to overcome. And so you say, “Hm-m-m, this must not be the truth. This must not be the step to salvation. This must not be the ultimate thing that will promote Awakening.” And it’s not true.

You need some perspective. And so I’m going to return to the example of the teacher—let’s say a professor (although it can be a teacher anywhere). But the professor has classes in a university. And students sign up for his classes and show up—attend the classes—and he teaches them.

As he’s walking around the campus, or perhaps having lunch in the cafeteria, he engages in chats with other students, who are not his students, and may, from time to time, share with them what he’s teaching and invite them to check into his class. But, you know what? He doesn’t try to teach them there!

There is a prerequisite to learning. And the prerequisite to learning is the presence of curiosity . . . acted upon. And so, when you run into resistance or sheer opposition, stop attempting to be the teacher! Stop attempting to practice the holy instant for a planned result! Stop using, or trying to use the holy instant as a means of control!

Essential to learning is curiosity, acted upon. And in practical terms for the professor, that means that if he is going to teach a student, the student is going to have to be curious, and he’s going to have to act on his curiosity by signing up for the class and showing up in the classroom . . . bringing his attention with him. Then the teacher will give his all to that student. That teacher will practice the two-step himself, practice the holy instant himself or herself, and witness to the more that that student is, and is capable of, than he’s presently allowing—inviting and accepting in. It’s simple.

Be careful that you don’t use your spirituality as a higher level of control, and stay with your common sense. Teach those who have brought their curiosity into your presence.

ACIM Study Group — January 28th, 2014

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3 Responses to A Prerequisite to Learning

  1. Pauline says:

    That you Raj…this is very informative and a huge thank you as it is quite relevant today…

  2. Anastasia says:

    A very deep heartfelt THANK YOU

  3. Brian Steere says:

    Indeed! The freedom to abide in what resonates as relevant to one’s joy is lost in any attempt to coerce or force a communication, and the resulting feedback may be lost to interpretations of negative or loveless self, other and world. All signs of a mistaken identity!

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