Afraid of Miracles


I’ll tell you, one who is “complete forever in the Heart of God” is blemish-free—is imperfection-free. No zits of any kind, anywhere, and only the loveliness of love everywhere. But you argue against the miracle. You DO argue against the miracle.

At the bottom line, you are all afraid of miracles—maybe not the little ones, but the big ones you’re afraid of. In fact, the big ones you will often use as a means of applying guilt to yourselves and making yourself miserable. If you are in a plane crash and you are the one of three people who survives, it would be called a miracle. And yet, very often, your survival constitutes a justification for grief: “Why me? Why did I not die and everyone else did?” If you go through a hurricane and your dwelling is least damaged, you feel uncomfortable around everyone else because you’re not as bad off as they are.

How much is too much good? Well, too much good is the amount of good that estranges you from your Brothers and Sisters. Not because they hold it against you, but because you feel unequal and you feel an unfairness.

Now, you know what? Attitudes have to change about miracles. Miracles have got to start being embraced. Let’s bring it down to earth a little bit:  Completeness has to be embraced as something to take hold of and love, and expect to find embodied by you in your daily life, in your actions, in your body, in your relationships. And you had better begin to expect to see the evidence of completeness there, because if you don’t, it’s only because you are expecting not to see it—you are disallowing the miraculous partly because you don’t want to feel guilty.

So, let me ask you: At the end of this day or any other day, ask yourself, “Have I given evidence to the miraculous today? Have I witnessed the miraculous?” In other words, “Did I miss it through lack of attention?” Because I’ll tell you, the miraculous happens in front of you every day.

ACIM Study Group — June 5th, 2010

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3 Responses to Afraid of Miracles

  1. miguel carvalho says:

    thank You Brother, for infinite Love.

  2. Pauline says:

    Thanks Raj….a really NEEDED reminder today for me.
    Blessings and Love….Pauline

  3. Rick Herranz SR. says:

    Good morning friends
    Great wisdom to follow the path of the elders….for years I was afraid of change…subsequently it lead to the fear of redemption, but once I learned the facts about redemption and how it benefited me. I began to take now healthy,risk to move in a postive more noble way and the noble path so I could now enter into spiritual adulthood…things just started comming together.. Thanks for the wisdom tips for the journey home.

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