Abandon the Argument


If you’re not experiencing ultimate good right now, it’s because in one way or another, you’re arguing against it . . . and you are winning the argument.

And the solution is simple!

Abandon the argument. Stop reinforcing it. Stop rehearsing it in words. Stop telling everybody about your problem. Stop talking about the impossibility of the situation and how unfair it is without ever bringing into the conversation one iota of curiosity about how the problem might be solved . . . and how it might be solved easily and quickly . . . and how it might be solved because at the bottom line it just might be an illusion—it just might be the way you’re perceiving things because of the bias you’re applying to your line of vision!

ACIM Study Group — January 1st, 2011

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2 Responses to Abandon the Argument

  1. Rick Herranz SR. says:

    What I wa noted to say is that the ego is creating aruments against this person or this circumstance or this situation…it’s bs is what it’s is

  2. Rick Herranz SR. says:

    Ok friends I am begining to see how the creates arguments against this or that and that type of thinking is causing me much inner resistance…I will let go and let God even more at a deeper level today.

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