Where God’s Laws Prevail


When you stop using your body to provide the force to make things happen and you enter into the holy instant to join with the Holy Spirit—which is the Father’s Perspective and is nothing more than your right Mind—you will find pain and false pleasure disappearing. And the threat of their being taken away will disappear. And the threat of their effects will disappear, because now you are functioning in the arena where God’s laws prevail. You see? But it only happens in the release of the body as a tool for accomplishing godless acts. And when I say “godless acts,” I mean acts in which God was not brought into the picture and with Whom you are not engaging in actions. You see?

Peace is extended from you only to the eternal, and it reaches out from the eternal in YOU.

In your abandonment of the concept of yourself as a body, as a mortal, as an organism in a physical universe, the divineness of you that has always been present underneath those mistaken self-beliefs becomes illuminated to you. And in their illumination from the holiness of you, from the eternal in you, they are shared. That’s the blessing of the holy instant. That’s the function of the holy instant. It reunites that which was always One as the conscious experience of All from which nothing is withheld and your invulnerability and peace and joy are irrevocably present. This is the point. And the way to that experience is in abandoning the belief that the body is valuable for what it offers, for what use you can put it to without knowing who you Are and without finding God anywhere in anything.

ACIM Study Group — November 12th, 2012

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One Response to Where God’s Laws Prevail

  1. Rick Herranz SR. says:

    Good morning friends
    Thanks for this post… I am not a body…belief is getting weaker…the idea that I am a spiritual being having a human experience also gives me a new divine-identity in which I grow into the ideal of attaining my magnitude and letting go of all limitation and pain of the dark shadows of my past

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