A More Genuine Presence


Don’t be afraid to embrace your holiness. Do not be reluctant to ask for the experience of You in your right Mind. You will become, for lack of better words, a more genuine presence, whose presence is a blessing to all things.

And so, in your house, or your apartment, or your tent, or the back seat of your car, you can stop being “a human living through a lifetime that will end in death,” and, instead, everything can become truly meaningful and truly trans-formational just because Love is its fundamental and actual nature, and you see it! And you behave toward it with that “understanding,” I will say, which has come from the experience.

Let what will be the wonderfulness of you come forth and don’t worry that it will make others jealous, or envious, or angry with you. The Presence of God heals and transforms. And the Presence of God is what the Son is. It is what you Are. Let It in. Consciously invite It so that you can be in your house, or apartment, or tent, or the back seat of your car in a new way that changes everything by turning the creation that you see, which appears to be infinitely conflicted, into a Unity of perfect harmony. And let your Brothers and Sisters be the reason you engage in embracing your holiness.

Let your desire to uncover the holiness of your Brothers and Sisters be that which facilitates your discovery of your holiness, unifying what had been chaotic.

ACIM Study Group — January 14th, 2014

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One Response to A More Genuine Presence

  1. miguel says:

    Thank You Raj and Paul.

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