The Truth Beyond . . .


The Course is not about A Course in Miracles. The Course is about you. Its function is to promote change, growth, emancipation. From what? From the intellect—emancipation from the intellect into your Soul.

Soul: Your divine capacity to feel the Meaning of everything. Your capacity to feel—to  feel,  not  think about,  not  intellectually  grasp, but feel—the divinity of all Creation.

If you don’t move into Love, you will remain trapped in the human condition which all of you dearly wish to emancipate yourselves from. But, you know what? You’re not used to paying attention with your Soul. It takes quietness. It takes the silencing of the intellect—the human mind, the thinking—so that in the emptiness of thought, (in the thoughtlessness “achieved,” we’ll say), in the Silence divine Meaning can become illuminated in you as your awareness of the truth of something.

This is what the two-step is all about . . . becoming still and then inquiring, “What is the truth here?”—the truth beyond your intellect, the truth beyond your best reasonings, your best concepts and your best defenses.

ACIM Study Group — January 6th, 2014

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One Response to The Truth Beyond . . .

  1. This is lovely.
    Thank you for the wonderful reminders to ‘feel into love’.
    Much love and appreciation,

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