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Looking at Self-righteousness

———-oOo———- Sin, disease and death are the effect of the practice of self-righteousness and the effect is on you, who is practicing it. Self-righteousness, practiced by your Brother or Sister affects them in their practice of it, not you. And … Continue reading

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In the Beginning

———-oOo———- Let’s back up to the Beginning. If the Beginning can be expressed as steps, we would have to say that in the Beginning, God . . .  In the Beginning, the infinite Mind . . .  In the Beginning, … Continue reading

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The $200 Mark

———-oOo———- Dear friends, Thank you to everyone for your support during the month of January. With some grace the needs were met. We have, however, once again fallen below a $200 balance in the Foundation’s bank account, and once again … Continue reading

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A Prerequisite to Learning

———-oOo———- There have been times when you have been met with resistance. There have been times that opposition has confronted you and you have said, “Oh, this doesn’t work” [the practice of the holy instant]. Or, you have persisted and … Continue reading

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The Comforter

———-oOo———- A Comforter was sent to everyone. The Comforter is your right Mind. The Comforter is the Holy Spirit.

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Holding You Hostage

———-oOo———- The Course begins by saying, “Nothing real can be threatened” and “nothing unreal exists.” Well, when you feel threatened, it does feel to you as though something exists that can be threatened, and to say that that doesn’t exist … Continue reading

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Afraid of Miracles

———-oOo———- I’ll tell you, one who is “complete forever in the Heart of God” is blemish-free—is imperfection-free. No zits of any kind, anywhere, and only the loveliness of love everywhere. But you argue against the miracle. You DO argue against … Continue reading

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