No Holiday Specials !


Dear friends,

Do you want to be finessed into doing something “worthwhile”? Do you want to be reminded to do something that someone else could just as easily do, even though you can easily do it? Do you want someone, whom you believe is wise, to acknowledge your essential value as a team member before you will “happily” continue?  Do you really have to be prompted by a fund-raising letter, a phone call, a slick promotional phrase, an all-night sale, a stroke for your ego? Do you really insist upon pretending to be an organism who only gives evidence of life in response to stimuli?

Well, if you’re not Awake, the answer to each of the above is, “Yes.”  And if you’re not Awake, then you need someone to help you wake up. And if you are listening to someone who can help you wake up, that one is telling you to find the impulse to be—the stimulus for action—within. Not within your mind, but further within . . . behind what you call “your mind,” in the stillness behind thoughts . . . where, in undifferentiated fully conscious Awareness, all is One . . . and that One is God. It’s not really a place, but the experience of learning that you are not God, but God is all there is to you, and it’s called a sudden shift of perception—the “miracle” as it is defined in A Course in Miracles.

Now, if you are not on organism requiring stimulation in order to exhibit the properties of life, but you think you are, how can you ever make a shift that is Origin-al rather than conditional?

In other words, if you are convinced that a shift is dependent upon a condition—some stimulation which promotes fear, jealousy, hate or some fight or flight response—how can you possibly end up making a shift which is, itself, an Origin-al uncalculated flow of Being rather than the startling impact of an external trigger? And who can teach you how to be rather than act?  To flow with rather than initiate? And how can it be taught without using the stimulus/response model which reinforces bondage instead of promoting freedom?

This is exactly my task. It is exactly what I am engaged in.  And it is the purpose of A Course in Miracles.

So, this December there are no holiday specials, no bargains while supplies last, no acknowledgments of specialness for being first, middle, or last.

As with every other month, the gifts you give, you get to keep. The gratitude you awaken in others, you find in yourself . . . but only once you have made the gift.

As with every other month, you will find that the equity and equality of Joy stabilizes relationships and grounds them in Its infiniteness . . . not in tiny unstable mutual agreements.

As with every other month, you will not be treated as an object to be scolded, praised, or manipulated by any means that turns you into the puppet of intentions not your own.

And as with every other month, you will not be obligated to do anything. You will not be held responsible to fulfill some duty, and you will be held clearly in your integrity, where you can listen within and allow only Origin-al movement to find expression through you.

It is in this context that I share with you my desire for us to be doing more than we are doing, and to be doing it more effectively, more consistently, and in more useful forms, rather than the reverse—which seems to be the trend. Paul, Susan, Chris and Judy are committed to this, and have been for almost thirty years.  The diminishing situation seems to call for all the forms of Holiday Specials—the neat and tricky physical and psychological techniques which motivate actions for the wrong reasons, compelling unconscious responses that may “feel good” but violate the integrity and the wholeness of the one responding because they make him forget who he is! It is my job not to let this happen.

There are wonderful gifts to be made—gifts well worth receiving—and no one needs to be tricked or finessed into being part of that giving and receiving. One only needs to pay attention behind what he calls “his mind,” in the Silence where Knowing is experienced. There the giving and receiving are one and the Gift is genuine, because it is revealed and flowed with rather than initiated by a private act of a personal will!

Renewal is needed to counteract the tendency toward diminishment. Because regeneration and redemption naturally follow the mind freed from the attraction to deceptive influences, which distort the natural wholesomeness of Love, it is imperative to abandon the “bargain” mentality and the good, better, best, besting of your brother. The “bargain,” the “special,” makes the one getting it special, separating him from his brother at his brother’s expense . . . and the prizewinner is the loser along with his brother.

This is what I must undo. This is what I am undoing! This is why I am confronting those who listen to my words with a new paradigm—a new-old paradigm—called loving thy brother as thyself. “To have, give all to all.”

Insist upon being moved to act from the Origin-al uncalculated movement of Being, which is a gift, and realize that increase not diminishment is not only possible, it is inevitable. As I have said before, “The road to the Kingdom of Heaven is not paved with bargains.” What I have not said is that it is paved with Love, restoring humanity, integrity, harmony, equality and importance to Brotherhood.

At the beginning of this month, the ever-moving bank balance says “less than $200.”  Is that important? Does that mean anything? Must I spell out how much is needed by what date? The fact is that Vision, arising from within leads the way for all of us, embracing increase in our gifts, stability in our giving and more grace with each extension. May we all enjoy the increase of giving and receiving as we proceed into December and on into a new year. Without it . . . well, that’s not an option.

Thank you to everyone whose support met the needs on time during November, and for being part of this movement of Awakening!

Kingston, Washington
December 6th
, 2013



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One Response to No Holiday Specials !

  1. miguel says:

    Indeed dear Raj. How true! Original, unconditional flow I’d rather Be. Thank You dear Brother in the Name of all.

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