A Thought for the Day


Embrace is the willingness to give and the act of giving.  It is inclusive.  It is the absence of boundaries.  And it is vibrant with the innocence it is and sees.  It heals because it generously and uninhibitedly confirms the obvious goodness of everything, which is otherwise hidden by boundaries imagined, believed, and fortified.

Even though embrace is something given, the dropping of defenses in order to make the gift allows that which is embraced to nestle in — and want to.  In other words, the gift is given back and thus made whole.  But abandon the gift of embrace or neglect to extend it, and you provide no place for nestling.  Emptiness prevails, and you will believe that everything worth having is abandoning you, and you must get it!

It is a tricky sleight of mind because you can’t have what you don’t give.  No embrace equals nothing to embrace.  And getting equals not having!

Yep!  Getting will getcha every time!


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4 Responses to A Thought for the Day

  1. Gail says:

    My dear Brother, you surely have a way with words. They are always spot on! Thank you, both for your steadfast embrace.

  2. tim mccarthy says:

    my sweet embraceable you…and the beat goes on…and on…and on…

  3. miguel says:

    Thank You Raj. Yes this is true absolutely. Thank You for teaching us this. It demonstrates tangibly that the given is completed only by receiving and the giver and receiver disappear as distinct entities for they have nestled into one. And thank You for Your love Paul in making this possible.

  4. Fran law says:

    Nice thought….the good will getcha!!!!!!

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