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20th Update

———-oOo———- Dear friends, Thank you!  Where the amount needed by the 20th had been $6,200, I am able to share that with your help we are approximately halfway to that goal, with $3,326 remaining.  Your continued support will be greatly … Continue reading

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—–oOo—– Confusion is complicated, but curiosity brings clarity.

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A Thought for the Day

GOTCHA ! Embrace is the willingness to give and the act of giving.  It is inclusive.  It is the absence of boundaries.  And it is vibrant with the innocence it is and sees.  It heals because it generously and uninhibitedly … Continue reading

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The 20th is Almost Here

———-oOo———- Dear friends, How does one say “Help!” and keep it clean, clearly as what it is and nothing else?  It is a simple word, full of uncomplicated meaning.  And in print, without a voice to color it with complication, … Continue reading

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Embrace: The Establishment of Unity

———-oOo———- Dear friends, Thank you once again!  Your support continued to meet the need and it brought us through the month of October and its larger-than-normal expenses with grace, which was very meaningful.

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