The Emperor is Wearing Nothing!

Dear friends,

We are at a point where what we have to share is greatly needed.

Assertions of authority, posturing for attention and power, deceit and dishonesty are on display as never before — all in the context of “creating face” and “not losing face” — and none of it is grounded!  Not even common sense prevails.  All of it is the manifestation of pure ego parading and flaunting itself on the world stage, coming from and in the name of integrity and greatness long lost, and the belief that the current dishonesty will be overlooked because it’s coming from what had been the cradle of democracy.

The belief that observers will see the posturing as “integrity” and “principles to be valued” instead of antics, implies that the observers will not trust themselves and will insist that they are misperceiving excellence where excellence had been before!  Such is the grandiosity of the ego which assumes the capacity to determine that whatever it believes is “truth” and teaches it with passionate determination!

It is a call for clarity unparalleled, because the boldness to destroy, the fearlessness with which it toys with destructive global manipulation is evidence of such demoralization that it must be counteracted by the boldness and fearlessness of Sanity.  It calls for the unequivocal, absolute conviction which comes only from union with and allegiance to one’s right Mind — the holy Spirit, the Father’s perspective.

Again: We are at a point where what we have to share is greatly needed!

Someone has to point out that the Emperor is wearing nothing — that indeed, he is not even an Emperor, but a Son of God believing he is not a Son of God, imagining an elevated sense of self, and believing his imagination and imposing it upon the world.

Again:  How does someone point this out?  By means of an unequivocal, absolute conviction which comes only from union with and allegiance to one’s right Mind — the holy Spirit, the Father’s perspective.  From there, one knows that there is no order of difficulty in miracles . . . and sudden shifts of perception occur!

Of course, this demoralization is not confined to the cradle of democracy.  It is pervasive, finding footholds everywhere from politics to religion to business to relationships . . . throughout the world.  The idea that whatever you can imagine can be “truth” is evil, because it has no rudder, no grounding element to anchor it in humanity.  Being self-centered, it is inhumane, whereas, the fundamental attention to and meeting of human need determines the outcome to be humane, elevating it by demonstrating Love, the light of which reveals the divinity of human being, joining the Son who didn’t know he was a Son with his Father . . . consciously!

Let this stick with you:  You will find your divinity through your humanity, and you will find it for your brother and yourself, and you will accomplish it through the holy instant — silencing your self-will and reaching out to That Which Knows, and Knows for you, because it is your right Mind illuminating God’s perspective, Which God placed in you, as yours, in your creation.


With gratitude for every extension of love, interest and appreciation which each of you brings when you come to our website, I extend a simple request for everyone’s continuing support as we proceed through the month of October — the month in which property taxes will be paid in the amount of $6,583.

As I said, “What we have to share is greatly needed,” and the sharing requires support because we function on a Gift or contribution-only basis.  We are eleven days into October and several bills have already gone unpaid, Paul has not had a paycheck in six weeks, and the usual $5,000 will be needed by the 20th.  I thank you in advance for your participation.

Kingston, Washington
October 11th
, 2013



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If you have any reluctance about making online contributions
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Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.
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Contributions can also be mailed directly to:
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