The Starting Point is . . .


Now, there is a measuring stick that is the only true measuring stick.  And that’s the focus of my attention tonight with you.  The measuring stick is embodied in a statement, which I am going to paraphrase.  And the statement is this:

The starting point is that God — Spirit — is All-in-all,
and there is no other might nor Mind.

That is the foundation, the context in which you look into the holy instant in order to learn of the Father about your Brother, about yourself, about Creation, about your world.  When you have been infilled with the experience, with the Father’s Love which has transformed your sense of yourself out of the awful perceptions that you have had into the only perception you can have . . . when you realize that because you are experiencing God’s Love, you are worthy of It, you are deserving of It, even though you seem not to have gone through any steps of redemption yet, that is a profound experience!

Now, when you look at your Brother from within that experience, you are embracing your Brother from that context, from that experience of being Loved.  You are, in so many words, measuring your Brother from the starting point, which is that God — Spirit — is All-in-all and there is no other might nor Mind.

That’s why your Vision, given to you by the Father, is transformational.  But just because it’s transformational doesn’t mean that your Brother or Sister is necessarily going to hear It or recognize It or embrace It.  Understand that, so you’re not surprised, not disappointed, not frustrated, and you’re not caused to forget to continue doing what brought you the experience of being Loved — in other words, engaging in the two-step:  “Father, what is the truth here?”

When you find yourself feeling frustrated because you are so impatient for your Brother to be in the experience of joy, you’ve got to remind yourself that the frustration is because you have abandoned the proper measuring stick — you’ve abandoned, stepped away from, the starting point as though there’s some other point to start from.

The starting point is that God . . . the starting point is GOD!  The starting point is not your Brother or his resistance or his bad behavior that is resulting from his very limited and negative self-perceptions.  That is not the starting point!  But if you shift and let that become the starting point for you, you will be joining him in his ignorance and abandoning the only thing that will transform.

And so, when this happens, even if you are disgruntled and disappointed and feeling powerless, you must go back to the starting point.  Remind yourself:  The starting point is that God — Spirit — is All-in-all and there is no other might nor Mind.

Now once again, if you’re disgruntled and bothered, that statement is just going to be a string of words.  It’s not going to be the experience you had of the fact that you are Loved by the Father.  But in using that string of words, you break or interrupt the attraction (you have let take you over) to the bad behavior or the unfairness of the situation for your Brother that you know he doesn’t have to go through.  And it will bring you back to a point of attentiveness — that attentiveness which is part of the holy instant, or the practice of the two-step . . . your giving your attention to the Father, wanting to know, “Father, what is the truth here?”

You can bet your bottom dollar that the truth there is going to be inseparable from the starting point (the starting point of all Being, not just the starting point of your paying attention) that God — Spirit — is All-in-all and there is no other might nor Mind.

As you relax into that, because you’ve abandoned using your Brother or his behavior as your starting point, your peace will return.  Your stability will settle in, and you will feel once again the Father’s Love.  And you will then immediately know the truth about your Brother.

ACIM Study Group / May 4th, 2013

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2 Responses to The Starting Point is . . .

  1. miguel says:

    Indeed!!! Thank You Paul and Raj for your undying gift of Love.

  2. Ros Bryans says:

    Thank you, very helpful.

    Sent from my iPad


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