Into the Pregnant Silence

When you abandon the practice of fear, even though you think you’ve been overcome by it from some external source . . . when you abandon the practice of fear, you are in a position to step into the holy instant — to step into the Void, to move into the pregnant Silence where the unknown can become Known.  And here you are at another juncture where the remnants of fear can suggest to you that you have trouble hearing Guidance, or that for one reason or another it is not likely that you’re going to be able to hear the Voice for Truth, or God.

This is where you have to remember there is a God, even though you’re experiencing doubt of one sort or another.  It’s essential because Redemption is inevitable.  Redemption, the experience of correction — a return to the spiritual original — is, I’m going to say, ordained.  But the only reason it’s ordained or inevitable, is because God Being All, never stopped being God Being All, and that fact is going to have to surface.  It’s inevitable that the Allness of God will surface as Something that has never changed.

Therefore, when you practice the holy instant and you ask, “What is the truth here?” you are employing faith.  You are investing faith — in the Father, in the Holy Spirit, in your Guide, in me — that the answer that redeems will be made clear to you, even though you don’t know what it is.  That is the whole point.  The point of the holy instant is to return you to what you don’t think you know but which you do Know because the Father placed it in you and is eternally placing it in you by being You in every moment.  As what?  You in your own right with your own personal capabilities?  No.  As Himself expressing.

Are you getting the point?  Here is the point again:  In spite of fear, in spite of distress, abandon it.  As unreasonable as that seems (at the moment you’re employing it) abandon it, because I’ve told you tonight and repeatedly in other ways in the past, that the practice of the holy instant is the means to remember God by caring about your Brother or caring about some part of the Kingdom of Heaven that you’re presently calling a physical universe, and desiring to Know God’s truth about that.

You are inviting what you have forgotten to be remembered, to present itself again, as it were, to you so that you might see that it’s already incorporated in you and it never left you and your capacity to see the Kingdom of Heaven where a miserable physical universe seems to be going on.

The holy instant is, and the practice of the two-step is, a matter of leaning into the unknown on purpose — letting yourself not know, not requiring that you know before you lean into it, before you lean into the Father, before you lean into your right Mind.  It is a practice of leaning into the unknown so that the unknown can become Known to you.  It’s called Revelation.  It’s inevitable.  It’s the way Waking up works.  It is how the holy instant functions.  You see? 

To say you have a problem because you have a situation that you don’t have the answer to, is to be stuck in a total lack of reason — a simple case of insanity, if you will.  If there is a situation calling for correction, correction is available.

If there is a situation that does not look like the Kingdom of Heaven or the Perfection of God Being, then there is available that which corrects it, even though you don’t know what it is.  And you will not know what the redemptive answer is until you let yourself not know what the answer is — which means abandoning any confidences you have in yourself to be able to come up with the answer through the excellent use of reasoning and logic and your best use of your spiritual learning in the past.

You see, until you abandon self-confidence, you can’t really, with humility, turn to God and ask Him to reveal the Truth to you – to reveal the answer that is the Answer, to make the unknown Known to you.  And yet that is what needs to happen.  You see?

You no longer need to labor under the misunderstanding of what the question means: “What is the truth here?”  You no longer need to labor under the idea that it is somehow going to convict you.  “Oh, it’s karma!  Three lifetimes ago, a hundred lifetimes ago you did such-and-such and now it has returned to haunt you.”  You see?

All that does is legitimize and consolidate the factors that keep you ignorant, stuck, miserable.  It’s not the Answer.  That’s not the unknown having been made Known.

To ask to know, “What is the truth here?” is to be a joyous question, a joyous process, because you can anticipate learning something exceptional, something beyond anything that you would imagine from your independent standpoint.

You have to have faith in two things:  One is that there is an answer that redeems, and the second part is that the answer will be made known to you, if you but humbly ask to know what it is and then listen without biasing the answer with any preconceptions or favorite theories that you have.

Faith is the big word that underlies the efficacy of the holy instant because it requires you to abandon faith in yourself — this miserable puny little organism that sins, suffers and dies — and place your faith in something that you can’t have proof of the existence of until you, in your humility, reach out to it and expect a response.  In the response you have the proof.  You see?

It’s very important . . . it’s very important!

ACIM Study Group / September 1st, 2013

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