Where Redemption is Going to Occur

You know what?  If you think that everything you see is illusion, as I’ve said before, you will not be looking in the place where redemption is going to occur.  What a shame!

You see?  You had better be looking at the very thing you’re having a misperception of, so that as the misperception is replaced, you will be able to see that particular aspect of Creation in its spiritual original again — whether it’s a toenail or a fingernail or an eyelash.  You see?

Every aspect of Creation — every eyelash, every toenail, and so-on — is a divine idea in the Mind of God.  Its substance is God Himself because God is All and God could go nowhere else to find the materials with which to Create.

So, start looking at your world, start looking at your body, start apprehending yourself on the basis that neither you nor any aspect of Creation is behind the point of perfection nor advancing toward it, but is at that point and must be understood, experienced, allowed to register with you from there!

You are looking at God.  You are experiencing God.  And that which is experiencing God is the Presence of God called the holy Son or Daughter of God.  And so, you are God recognizing Himself . . . and that is your function as co-Creator.  And all of this happens in the only place there is for it to happen.  The Kingdom of Heaven.  Creation Itself.

You’re already Home.  Just stop calling Home something It is not, and determining that because It is not what It is, there’s no redemption for It . . . and then looking forward to your redemption sometime, somewhere . . . and then being insane enough to feel comforted by that . . . and patiently waiting for that day to come, [while] all the time you wait, missing out on what is to come, it will be going on all around you because there really is nothing else to experience!

Again, God is already All.  And you are already His holy Son or Daughter.  And the world and universe is already the Kingdom of Heaven.  Everything is already the Ultimate, including you.

ACIM Study Group / September 8th, 2013

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2 Responses to Where Redemption is Going to Occur

  1. Thank you. I see. I am Home.
    You are Beautiful.
    Perfect timing.
    As Always.

  2. Sarah Eames says:

    Thank you for reminding me again and again!

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