The Proper Measuring Stick

When you find yourself feeling frustrated because you are so impatient for your Brother to be in the experience of joy, you’ve got to remind yourself that the frustration is because you have abandoned the proper measuring stick.  You’ve abandoned — stepped away from — the starting point as though there’s some other point to start from.

“The starting point is that God . . .”

The starting point is God.  The starting point is not your brother.  Or his resistance.  Or his bad behavior, which is resulting from his very limited and negative self-perceptions.  These are not the starting points.  But if you shift and let them become the starting point for you, you will be joining him in his ignorance and abandoning the only thing that will transform.  And so, when this happens, even if you are disgruntled and disappointed and feeling powerless, you must go back to the starting point.

Remind yourself:

The starting point is that God, Spirit, is All-in-all
and there is no other might nor mind.

 ACIM Study Group / May 4th, 2013

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5 Responses to The Proper Measuring Stick

  1. Sun~Rose says:

    Synchronicity! Was hearing about God — as Spirit — being All in All earlier, when Listening. Thank You Both for heavenly understanding.


  2. Miguel Carvalho says:

    Yes, it always starts with me knowing that God is all there is to me, choosing to feel that Fact with certainty and then expand to embrace my brother in that certainty. Thank You Paul and Raj.

  3. Gail says:

    I know what you are teaching is the simple truth. Everything is a call to Love or an expression of Love. Thank you for the constant reminders, which I so need because my ego keeps thinking that there is something it can do. I am finding that keeping it this simple requires a profound acceptance that all of us are standing safely in the arms of God regardless of what we are experiencing. Your words, like waves pounding rocks, are breaking down my confidence in the reality of the presentation. I praise God for this gift and for the Blessing of You. Thank you all.

    • Sun~Rose says:

      this is very nice Gail. I got something new because You said above a call TO Love, instead of FOR Love. Very helpful. Thank You.


      • Gail says:

        Gee, that is nice to hear as I often have something to say but seldom say it on here because I think that I am stating the obvious. I did it anyway this time because of my feelings of gratitude. They just had to be expressed. Bless, you Sun~Rose.

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