Infinite Grace

“Movement is afoot.  The soil
of opportunity beckons all contributions,
no matter the size nor effort.”

Dear friends,

At the moment, $210 is what infinite grace looks like in the Foundation’s bank account.  And the amount means nothing . . . other than that’s what it looks like at the moment.

Infinite grace always looks like needs met at the moment!  At the beginning of last month, it looked like $300 in the bank account, with $12,000 due by the last day of the month — an amount greatly increased by property taxes which fall due in April and  October.  Then, on the last day of the month, after having constantly fluctuated, infinite grace looked like all bills having been paid on time.

Indeed, one could say, “How can you call that infinite grace when you sent out three different invitations to help?”  Well, it’s easy.  The invitations were like prayers, not commands, extended into the arena where power can find no foothold, and only infinite grace can be the answer.

Again, one might say, “Hey!  I sent the contribution.  There was no divine providence to it!  It was a purely mechanical process initiated by me!”  But, I ask you, “Why did you send it, and why did you send the particular amount that you sent?  Why did that extension join with an unpredictable number of other extensions from other non-providential ‘persons’ like you which ONLY MET THE NEED . . . AND JUST MET IT IN TIME?”

And!  Why does this happen month after month after month — this uncontrolled and uncontrollable meeting of the need, which is the result of ‘apparently independent acts’ of self-existent independent non-providential authorizers who repeatedly are unable to be original enough or independent enough to contribute more than is needed?”

Why?  Because infinite grace exists.  It is the answer to prayer.  It is God’s Laws prevailing in the holy instant, embracing all of Creation when They are reached for in the spirit of giving instead of getting.

And so, I am inviting everyone, once again, to participate in the miracle of divine grace by being what might seem to be the “unwitting” agent of the Father’s Will, as Paul is being, and finding out that what you hadn’t planned to do, but actually ended up being, is what you most wanted — an honor greater than accomplishment!  That’s what your support amounts to.  And for that, I thank you.

Kingston, Washington

May 7th, 2013




If you have any reluctance about making online contributions
or would like to set up automatic monthly contributions
please call Paul at


any time between noon and midnight Pacific Daylight Time
and he will process your contribution directly.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

Contributions made through PayPal should be made to

PayPal is set up to deposit these contributions
directly into the Foundation’s account.

Contributions can also be mailed directly to:

P.O. Box 1490
Kingston, WA 98346-1490

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8 Responses to Infinite Grace

  1. Miguel Carvalho says:


    From YOU ARE THE ANSWER (pg 101-103)

    February 26, 1982
    PAUL: Raj, a question occurred to me this morning while I was talking with Susan regarding our conversation yesterday—with respect to placing the perfect concept at the point of Reality and allowing the Law, together with the Nature of Substance, to activate that concept and bring it into manifestation.
    My question is this: What is the difference between seeing the bills piled on the table and going out into the world to get a job in order to pay them, as compared to seeing the bills on the table, going within to that Place, stating the Fact and the need at that point, so that income or whatever will appear three-dimensionally so that they can be paid?
    It strikes me as attempting to deal with a three-dimensional need in a three-dimensional way, but trying to do it at the point of Conscious Being. I am wondering whether or not that is the Fourth-dimensional way of doing it after all?
    RAJ: Paul, this is a very good question. You see, it is clearly a matter of learning the difference between objective and subjective. The fact is that there is basically no difference between the two approaches, except that of the matter of placement, together with what you do after the Law has been invoked by your statement of the fact.
    The difference lies in the approach which is being taken, and in the frame of reference which is involved here. You are not seeing a need and immediately feeling that it cannot be met, and therefore reacting to your conclusion. You are at a point of recognizing that the One is the Many, that you are, indeed, the world you walk through. This is a significant change or difference in standpoint from that of the three-dimensional-only standpoint.
    You are then going into that Place and stating the correct Fact about what appears to be incorrect in the three-dimensional frame of reference.
    Then, if you are wise, you remain in that Place and continue on living your life from the standpoint of the fulfilled Fact.
    It is well for you to realize also, Paul, that when you see the bills on the table you are not seeing them from a three-dimensional-only standpoint. You are rather consistently being out from Mind, and as you well know, from that vantage point you can see the bills on the table, and you can see what they claim to say about your financial well-being. You will have to admit that your response to them lately has not been a three-dimensional response (reactive). You have seen and dealt with it from the Fourth-dimensional frame of reference. There is nothing three-dimensional about it. It only appears to be similar, and this must be clear to you.
    I would suggest that you have another conversation with your Supply for further clarification.
    PAUL: May I do that right now, Raj?
    RAJ: Yes, you may.
    PAUL: [Addressing Supply.] Supply?
    SUPPLY: Yes.
    PAUL: When I last spoke with you, you indicated that the forming of the $5000 needed had already been accomplished.
    SUPPLY: That is correct, Paul.
    PAUL: Is it possible for me to know the manner in which it will appear, or when it will appear?
    SUPPLY: No, Paul, it is not. The reason is that you are dealing here on an old basis. You must grasp that in Reality it is fulfilled. You must be willing to move on, staying at that point of consciousness, of Conscious Being, wherein you can feel the fact that all of you is always available and all of you is always functioning. It is a matter of consistency on your part to act out from Mind rather than react to your world and the way it appears. This is an apparently difficult switch to make, because the habit of reacting is still very strong.
    That is my answer.
    PAUL: [Addressing Raj.] Raj?
    RAJ: Yes, Paul.
    PAUL: It is right. It is difficult.
    RAJ: Paul, every moment you are feeling the Reality of your Being, you are giving extremely clear messages—the thought processes are not cloudy or diffused. You are constantly invoking the Substance of your Being by virtue of such clear awareness. The omnipresent Substance of your Being brings forth exactly what is needed.
    As I have said before, the key to this is your willingness to stand as the Door. You have been doing this very well, and you are, indeed, seeing changes in the way your infinitude is reflecting your standpoint. Do not make the mistake of overlooking the fact that your infinitude is responding differently. It is a direct result or evidence of the manifesting of your supply. It isn’t just money you need, Paul. it is also a changed experience of your infinitude, which you call your world. You are already seeing evidence of the operation of the Law which we talked about yesterday.
    Now it is time to get on with other matters.
    PAUL: Thank you, Raj.

  2. Orinda says:

    Raj said; “The invitations were like prayers, not commands, extended into the arena where power can find no foothold, and only infinite grace can be the answer.”…
    well thank God for that! …that infinite grace IS, and is the ONLY answer …just in time too, as everything else in ‘my’ world has failed absolutely … so welcome Infinte Grace … let’s see what it all looks like through your Vision … amen.

  3. Anastasia says:

    To have All, Give All, to All. This is what Our Father blesses US with, EVERYTHING, the Kingdom. This is His Will for us and only this is Real!

  4. Pauline says:

    What is happening to the ‘old’ property?

  5. Miguel Carvalho says:

    Thank you Raj. It is wonderful to be with you skipping, whistling along in Infinite Grace: to breathe it, to eat and drink it, bathe in it and swim in it and spend it and buy it and sell it and play it, sing it and write it, smell it and touch it and…… Infinite Grace that dances Me and You and dollars and sense and houses and property and taxes and all. And the Movement, the Graceful Movement, the Dance that looks like many Holy Instants of giving, giving, giving and loving and laughing and joyful abandon and thanks and ……….with no questions. Thank You Paul and Raj et al for Love

  6. Brian Steere says:

    I’d love to hear more about what the property is used for in the Foundation’s work – as well as updates on the sale of the previous one that was not required to be sold in order to buy this one.
    I also live by the grace and good will of the gifting of love, but have not nearly such a level of financial needs – which seem astronomical for the work that is apparently going on. I say apparently simply because the gathering talks with Raj and the quotes put on this blog are the visible signs are what is visible – but there may be all sorts of events and services going on of which I – and others – are unaware and might wish to support or perhaps join in with.

    As I feel you know, I am not unappreciative of your part in extending Raj’s sharing with us and his example of congruency with what he says in his own relationships with others – particularly when he met with others through gatherings that used a property rather than a virtual room and rather one-way communications (Which none the less are shared).

    What is appropriate for Raj, feels less so for you Paul. If you are Raj – then let’s put Paul away. If you are Paul, does Raj not encourage you to ask and uncover what is desired to be known?

    I ask to know more of what is going on with NWFFACIM. Is it none of my business? If so – please illuminate why so, rather than neglecting to communicate at all.


    • Orinda says:

      thanks for the opportunity to experience ‘measuring with God’, Brian … what He gives me via the miracles box (365 quotes from the Course) … is this; (2 cards stuck together)
      1) “Only one equal gift can be offered to the equal Sons of God, and that is full appreciation. (t,105)
      the 2nd message card had ‘a gift for me’ in the form of a tear to my eye … His love for us as a tear … that brought a smile …
      2) “You cannot understand how much your Father loves you, for there is no parallel in your experience of the world to help you understand it.
      There is nothing on earth with which it can compare, and nothing you have ever felt apart from Him resembles it ever so faintly.” (t,281)
      ps …(with a spirit hug) of course the ways and means Raj uses for bringing us back into our right minds is none of our business 🙂

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