The Will You Think You Have

“If you conceive yourself to be God’s child, apart from God and given independent will, you will use words describing that conception to define yourself, and you will exercise the ‘will’ you think you have in order to defend that definition.  By your words, you will build walls which separate you from the rest of You.

You must release yourself from bondage self-imposed, by letting go self-will, releasing self-determination. You must let His will, by His determination, be established in you through your willingness to forfeit ‘rights’ you thought you had, which introduced illusions where they could not really be.”

Contemplations / March 11th, 2002

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4 Responses to The Will You Think You Have

  1. Sun~Rose, you took the words out of my mouth. I try to start everyday with the saying, “if I make no decisions by nyself I will have a peaceful and a happy day.

  2. Gail says:

    Amen. Persist. Thank you.

  3. sandy says:

    thank you.

  4. Sun~Rose says:

    In other words, what I understand You to say is “Thy Will be done.” which is the point of constantly asking Guidance, for We have no idea — on Our ‘own’ — what Love’s Will is at the present moment. Always comes back to (for Me): Today I will make no decisions on My own.

    Thank You Both. As usual, very supportive and helpful.


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