What is Your Vantage Point?

“It is imperative for you to understand that neither your peace nor your frustration arise from external events, people, or circumstances.  They arise solely from where you are choosing to observe them.

If you are viewing them from the vantage point of the ego, no matter what you are looking at will be distorted and will arouse your defensiveness.

On the other hand, if you insist upon not leaving your centered vantage point — that Place within you where you are aligned with your Self or the Holy Spirit — you will not ever be moved, positively or negatively, by objective circumstances, people, or things . . .

. . . and you will have the added advantage of being able to enjoy the quiet perspective, which will allow you to be able to be appropriate in a healing, transforming way.”

Conversations with Raj / February 1985

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3 Responses to What is Your Vantage Point?

  1. Sun~Rose says:

    p.s. I wrote this early this morning and was interrupted and just getting back now to post it! Love and thank You Both again.

  2. Sun~Rose says:

    This is awesome. Just perfect for dealing with everything. Thank You Both so much.

  3. Brian Steere says:

    This gives a real sense of WHY to pause and listen for truth in trust and desire for peace.

    The flipside of what is said above is to notice that any conclusion or presumption energised and adopted as a personal identification or point of view, ‘steals’ attention and seems to run off with it as an assertion/defence. I say seems – because who or what is going where!?!

    To not automatically identify and react to what we conceive/perceive, allows a vantage point of ‘spaciousness’ – of a pervasive intimate quality – from which a fresh or healed perception stands forth that is not polarized at the level of its selection. That is we don’t ‘make’ or coerce it it and are identified as the knowing that is simply present within awareness when wilfulness isn’t energised.

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