You See?

“At the present time in the world, you’re finding out that everyone is linked together.  You’re finding that you do not live on a globe occupied by independent entities that have nothing to do with each other.  You are becoming utterly aware of the interconnection — the unity, I’m going to even say — of everyone.

You’re becoming uncomfortably aware of it.  But it is a blessing, because if you are truly losing your capacity to think that you or your country are independent and separate from everything else, if you are losing your ability to believe that, then you are coming into a rather clear experience of what I’m going to call ‘unity consciousness.’

But . . .

it bothers you because being independent and being sovereign — whether it’s as a country, or as a state, or as a city, or a municipality, or as an ego, yourself — is something that in the process of Awakening you’re going to have to let go of.

And as you’re finding out, you’re having to yield to and acknowledge something you didn’t believe, but something that has been the case and [has been] known by those who are running the world for a long time, even though you just lived in your country, or your city, or your state, and you did your thing and everyone else did their thing and nobody ever felt the connection, felt the unalterable connection, felt the connection that means that what happens in one place is happening to everyone.

This is a marvelous Awakening.

Now, if as you are finding, other people’s problems are yours as well, and if you are finding that the way people handle themselves on the other side of the globe can cause ripple-out effects that absolutely affect you negatively, then you’ve learned a principle — a practical, wonderful principle.

And that is:

Since everything is interconnected, then somebody . . . and it might be you . . . might be you . . . it might be any of you . . . is capable of and actually to some degree has the responsibility to have an answer that ripples out and blesses everyone.

You see?

ACIM Study Group / August 11th, 2011


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9 Responses to You See?

  1. Orinda says:

    in the spirit of unity consciousness, greetings!

    scanning the online CS Monitor for todays world news … i noticed this article (see link below) … and felt moved to put my ‘prayer support’ behind the intention of seeing the Palestinian/Israeli conflict resolved without further delay … apparently, according to past articles out of the Maitreya camp (Share International) … this is mightedly worthy of our attention as it constitutes a sign ‘to the heavens’ of our sincere willingness for peace … and the conflicts resolution, one of the first signs of real peace entering the affairs of the planet …

  2. Sun~Rose says:

    Thank You! Remember transcribing this and how heartening it is.

  3. sandy says:

    Thank you and that must be why I feel others happiness, joy, pain, angst, etc. lately. We are all one.

  4. And that answer is the ATONEMENT!!

  5. Gail says:

    Always timely, spot on and inspirational. I am with Frances on this. At this time, I feel tempted out of my peace at work, at home and with all that is going on in the world, yet I know I must persist in valuing my peace above all as it is the path to Unity Consciousness. Thank you All.

  6. Orinda says:

    thank you, Raj and Everyone … i love our Oneness … appreciate the timing and the tuning with this morning’s meditation … the idea for how to further cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s plan for my healing/awakening …, the line, Course inspired … ” … if you only look at yourself you cannot find yourself, because that is not what you are.” (t,132/142) … so here’s lookin’ at YOU, Christ Kid, Everyone, Everywhere! 🙂

    • Orinda says:

      felt to add, clarify … while i love our Oneness, that’s true … at the moment it is only a wishful idea … a kind of longing for something you know you ‘have’, or have a right to enjoy, but have for so long learned to do without …? well, maybe that’s what the miracle is for … so i pray …’i DO wish to know and experience the truth of our Oneness with you and all that you are, all that is, Father … help me stop being satisfied with doing without.’ … amen.

  7. Frances Law says:

    And this is why PEACE must begin with me…..I see

  8. Louise Lorente says:

    WOW!!!! I see….I see…and also FEEL it. Gracias for this one and all the others.

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