The Unendingness of Me

“Most of you think that being conscious means thinking.  If you’re not sleeping, if you’re awake, you’re thinking!  But, of course, anyone who learns meditation soon discovers that there is a way to be conscious without thinking.

There is a way to be
in the Silence.

So, thinking is not identical with Being. It is not inseparable from Being.  It is not inseparable from your existing as You.

What you think
doesn’t make you, You!

You simply are You, and in the Silence of your mind you experience That.  And in the experience of the Fact that thinking has nothing to do with your Being, you become free to Listen — you become truly free to ask:

“What is the truth here in the unendingness of me in the Silence that I’m experiencing?”

ACIM Study Group / February 19th, 2011


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5 Responses to The Unendingness of Me

  1. Simply ask What is the Truth here and listen.

  2. This is uncannily in tune with the ideas passing to me this morning on my dog walk as I listened beyond my thoughts. Yippee, synchronizing at last.

  3. miguel carvalho says:

    Yeah. What is the Truth Here Now where I AM without having to be me. Thank You Paul and Raj.

  4. Sun~Rose says:

    This is very good to hear again. For Me, it brings up the question: WHAT am I? rather than WHO am I? And then the Silence answers it. And sometimes I hear it.

    Thank You Both. Illuminating and uplifting, as usual.


  5. Barb says:

    Thank you for re-introducing us to Ourselves. There is such relief, comfort, peace, and love in knowing “I am as God created me,” (my lesson for today.) And I thank you all for the gifts from NWFFACIM.

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