Joining in Meeting the Need

Dear friends,

Each time Paul needs to send a letter of request for financial support, he is required to remember that he has but one Teacher — and that Teacher not being of the world of struggle, of personal pride or personal success.  He is required to remember God as the one and only Creator, and that his experience can only mean “living by His grace.”

Every time a letter is extended he must remember that his set of skillful defenses, learned from his upbringing, cannot establish his own righteousness, and that he will never be able to look good in the eyes of the ego and boast that he has attained personal success and has no needs.

Paul must remember the way this work works, and the feeling of gratitude that constantly accompanies him, because God’s laws are merciful and require no one to stand alone and account for himself.  At this time, he must also remember that “There is no order of difficulty in miracles” when we present the need for unusually high expenses to be paid this month.

There have been very few contributions recently and the balance in the bank is presently $300.  This month’s expenses amount to approximately $12,000, and there is an immediate need for $4,000 to cover such expenses as the electric bill, the phone bill, the Internet services, and other normal monthly basic expenses which are now past due, and were due by the end of last month.  In addition, April is the month in which property taxes come due in the amount of $6,500.

Thank you to all who have made this work — a continuity of good, a light in the darkness — available by means of your support.

For the many new visitors to our website who may be unaware, the Northwest Foundation for “A Course in Miracles” is a non-profit  organization which makes all of its activities and materials globally available at no charge and functions entirely on voluntary contributions.

When and if contributions are insufficient to cover expenses, a communication such as this is extended, inviting increased support to balance the imbalance.  And so, with gratitude to all whose ongoing financial gifts have made our gifts possible for the past twenty-two years, we invite everyone once again to join in meeting the need.

Kingston, Washington
April 4th, 2013



When you enter the amount,
do not place a dollar sign ($) in the box.
Doing so will interfere with
the completion of the transaction.

If you have any reluctance about making online contributions
or would like to set up automatic monthly contributions
please call Paul at


any time between noon and midnight Pacific Daylight Time
and he will process your contribution directly.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

Contributions made through PayPal should be made to

PayPal is set up to deposit these contributions
directly into the Foundation’s account.

Contributions can also be mailed directly to:

P.O. Box 1490
Kingston, WA 98346-1490

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One Response to Joining in Meeting the Need

  1. sandy says:

    When my expenses were through the roof during a hospitalization and later a surgery, with no medical insurance, I could only trust in what you have taught. I can say that putting one’s trust in God surely is the only sane way to respond and that my needs were met in a way I didn’t even know existed before the need arose. Thanks for the reminder that needs are still there to be met. I

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