. . . the Father in Motion

“You are the direct expression of the Father. You are, therefore, the Father in motion. You are the Father being the Creation.

That does not mean that you are the First Cause — the Creator of all that is. But, you are inseparable from God, because there was nothing outside of God out of which He could create you.

So, your essential Worth is constituted of the Presence of God. That is why you have eternal Value or Worth. That is why, when you are in harmony with What you really Are, you become unalterably contributive and transformational — because you are allowing yourself to be the presence of the Creative Father expressing Himself infinitely.”

Conversations with Raj / July 1986

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9 Responses to . . . the Father in Motion

  1. miguel carvalho says:

    Who am I? I am God Being God and looking like Me and You. Thank You Raj and Paul

  2. Penny MacKay says:

    How special these “wisdom bites” are. To feel, to experience their intent. To get that light bulb moment of – yes – this resonates right, it’s the truth, I’m at peace, I’m loved. How could I have got it so wrong for so long! I AM going to stay in this space…Thank you Raj.

  3. Bridget says:

    Like Jamie I too know the Truth but don’t always remember it maybe because my mind is still split and allow my mind to ramble or maybe I’m too afraid as yet of the Light of Love to be with me all of the time . Thank you so much Raj and Paul for every reminder of “What Am I” and I am willing for the Truth because I Am Worth It. Love xxx

  4. I am trying to see all those I come into contact with as the direct expressions of our Father. Some days I do better than others. I know it as the Truth, but I cannot always remember it.
    Peace, Jamie

  5. Anastasia says:

    This Truth inspires and fuels my curiosity, resolve and commitment to continue to lean into the silence wondering how this will feel to actually experience again aware that my Right Mind has known nothing else. Thank you Dearly Raj & Paul.

  6. Pauline says:

    Always meeting the ‘need’ in the moment…thank you!! Love..Pauline

  7. Dhara says:

    I had just asked “who am I? ” and I opened this. Thank you

  8. Sharon Nicholson says:

    Thank you Raj and Paul.

    This message just uplifts my Soul and gives me Joy as I read it.

    With love and a grateful heart,

  9. Sun~Rose says:

    This is so True and just lovely. Thank You Both.

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