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Please Consider

 I am asking everyone to consider the following: Since the first message was posted on our new blog on January 29th, there have been 35,925 visits from 47 countries — this, in addition to the activity on our regular website  … Continue reading

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The Will You Think You Have

“If you conceive yourself to be God’s child, apart from God and given independent will, you will use words describing that conception to define yourself, and you will exercise the ‘will’ you think you have in order to defend that … Continue reading

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You Are Invited . . .

Dear friends, As the 20th of the month comes near, there is a balance of $850 in the Foundation’s account which will cover a good portion of the remaining normal monthly expenses for April.  Immediate support, which was received after … Continue reading

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What is Your Vantage Point?

“It is imperative for you to understand that neither your peace nor your frustration arise from external events, people, or circumstances.  They arise solely from where you are choosing to observe them.

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Faith in Faithlessness

“Transformation, regeneration and redemption are never representative of the laws of physics, but the laws of God, which have ascendancy over sin, disease and death because the former are real and the latter are not.

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You See?

“At the present time in the world, you’re finding out that everyone is linked together.  You’re finding that you do not live on a globe occupied by independent entities that have nothing to do with each other.  You are becoming … Continue reading

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. . . and I Will Give You Rest

“We are not going to experience our pre-ordained, already-existing Oneness until both of us can become defenseless with each other.

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