“The blind intent
to see what isn’t there
makes it impossible
to see what is.”

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13 Responses to Willfulness

  1. Brian Steere says:

    Blind intent ‘thinks it knows’.
    To question one’s intent is to be willing not to know, in order to aligned with what Is – and freed from what is not. This is a simple instant of release, the moment that allows noticing to abide.

    The intent of the ego is to remain blind – for it can only operate in darkness.
    While this is what you want, it ‘thinks’ for you and then you are as one who thinks he knows what he is and does – apart from the All Pervading Presence of God.

  2. Martha Rose says:

    It is my egos intent to keep me Blind. Example this evening two youths kicking ball under my window disturbing MY peace, after a while i got up to have a look with the blind intent of seeing what was’nt there. ALL i could see was HARMONY at play, the two youths in silent communication dancing the ball one to the other. WOW. So from disturbance to amazement in one little moment..
    How great is that.
    Thank you Jesus Paul Susan and all the team.

  3. Anastasia says:

    So simple……only the truth is true yet somehow I cannot make this distinction for myself and so I continue to offer my faith to God…. become still and ask “What is the truth here?” And then listen

  4. miguel carvalho says:

    Abandon the intent to see what you think is there
    for it is Not there.
    Then you will see what IS really there.

  5. Helen H says:

    My understanding of this is to see every moment, event, person etc. as Brand New.

  6. Gail says:

    I so want to see what is there, dear Heart. Let us intend to see only what is truly Present. Thank you for your tireless insistence and assistance. ❤

  7. Pete McDonald says:

    I can not stop intending to see; everything
    looks equally true and untrue; all around
    me is a muddle; all of my experience
    is a frightening, painful, mess.

    • Helen H says:

      Dear Pete, RELAX, everything matters yet nothing matters, in the end everyone sees, just feel the love and keep extending it 🙂 I admire your commitment. Much love Helen H

    • D. Fitz says:

      I guess that’s why he says, “Ask me for everything.” We forget to do that. It seems difficult to do when life is moving so fast. It must be habitual at first so it becomes easy as life moves on. Good luck. I feel your pain too.

    • Anastasia says:

      “The Holy Spirit needs a happy learner, in whom His mission can be happily accomplished. You who are steadfastly devoted to misery must first recognize that you are miserable and not happy. The Holy Spirit cannot teach without this contrast, for you believe that misery IS happiness. This has so confused you that you have undertaken to learn to do what you can never do, believing that unless you learn it you will not be happy. You do not realize that the foundation on which this most peculiar learning goal depends means absolutely nothing. Yet it may still make sense to you.” …. The Happy Learner, ACIM. Hope this helps it has for me.

    • Sun~Rose says:

      Dear Pete,
      The whole dream is a frightening, painful mess. And there are times when I can ask ‘What is the Truth here?’ and it doesn’t cut it! So I just ask for help. And I get it, and You will too.

      You are dearly Loved. And You can wake up!


  8. Martha Rose says:


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