Satisfied with Dissatisfaction?

“As long as you are moving out of a state of ignorance, you must employ a desire to get beyond it — to be delivered from it — else you will remain satisfied with dissatisfaction, with frustration . . . thinking that ‘this is fate,’ that ‘this is the way it is, and why fight it?’

But, the experience is not a manifestation of your Integrity, and you deserve more.  It is your birthright to experience the Truth.

I didn’t say ‘think’ the Truth or ‘talk’ the truth.  I said experience the Truth — feel It right down to the tips of your toes.  Not with emotion, but with Soul.”

[Soul is the capacity to feel the divine Meaning
of each and every thing.]

Conversations with Raj / March-April 1988

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5 Responses to Satisfied with Dissatisfaction?

  1. The Truth is that we are the Sons and Dauighters of God living in the Kingdom of Heaven no matter what our outside world looks like.

  2. Miguel says:

    Reject dissatisfaction
    For life is Pleasure
    Seek only experience..

  3. Sun~Rose says:

    And more came when posting this at tgp:

    In other words: Our experience of someOne, someThing, the Universe, is very limited on Our so-called ‘own’. We need each Other to really experience anything!

    This is something that Brother gave Me using the colouur yellow: that what is rEAllLY YELLOW is EVERYONE’s experience of yellow alll together, NOT JUST OUR PARTICULAR EXPERIENCE OF IT!
    This makes it even clearer to Me. THANK YOU BOTH AGAIN!
    (loquacious this morning, aren’t I!)

  4. Sun~Rose says:

    It left out the quotation from You??? Here it is:
    [Soul is the capacity to feel the divine Meaning
    of each and every thing.]

  5. Sun~Rose says:

    This is really helpful as it expands what I have heard when asking just what capital S Soul is as used in Science and Health and earlier editions of the Course: that it is the unique Individuality/Experience of Each of Us to experience all other Ideas of the Kingdom, of Reality. And this Divine Experience of All of Us,– of the Thing — for lack of any other words, is the Thing experienced.

    Very wonderful. Thank You Both.

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