Stop Playing Victim

“You cannot be responsible for the way someone else sees himself, but you can be responsible for how you choose to see yourself.

I will tell you this: It is going to take more and more individuals not playing the role of victim to lighten the density that makes it reasonable for everyone else to think that they are a victim.

Somebody is going to have to let go of that concept of self and connect with his or her invulnerability, and begin to live it joyfully, even if everyone around him or her is claiming victimhood.”

Conversations with Raj / February 1988

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5 Responses to Stop Playing Victim

  1. margaret benton says:

    This describes situations I sometimes find myself. There are times I remember to step back a ask Holy Spirit for Truth. Other times I have to logon to Raj Meditations (or another) to get mentally still.
    is this need a victim mode?
    “Thy Grace is my sufficiency” God’s Law.
    Lord, I believe.. please help my unbelief when I am tempted to believe ego’s garbage.
    Thanks Raj Paul and all Enlightened Ones.

  2. Anastasia says:

    So funny – this was a place I really thought I had gotten past…… that was until Chloe, my little 6 lb. rescue dog. She refuses to be house broken leaving little “surprises” in the most unexpected places. I could feel this victim identity taken on more and more energy with “each accident.” I even resorted one day to having a conversation with a neighbor thinking somehow it would make me “feel better”….I walked away in a fog thinking who was that. Then I GOT IT that this story was only a distraction attempting to keep me from where I truly am. After this awareness and shift somehow “the gifts” became less frequent and when I did need to clean something up I didn’t lose my peace or joy. It felt as if God was cleaning it up for me. After reading this message I will also remember that in keeping my joy in these simple acts that I “lighten the density” for all! :)))) Thank you Raj, Paul and All.

  3. Sun~Rose says:

    This was shared in the beginning of a year when I really needed it, 11 years before I would be guided to the website. Yet I ‘somehow’ got it. Very good, and thank You.

  4. Steven says:

    Makes sense to me. The center of being.

  5. sandy says:

    Thank you Paul and Raj.

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