A Sudden Shift of Perception

“The only thing you can do through an act of will is to choose to stay where the shift is happening.  You can’t be responsible for the content of what is emerging, but you can and you must be responsible for remaining in the place where it can happen.

Where is that place?  That place is in the holy instant.  That place is in the silence in the middle of you, where all there is present is your attention — your eager attention — your desire to know what you don’t know yet . . . and to hell with everything you do know!

ACIM Study Group / July 30th, 2011

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7 Responses to A Sudden Shift of Perception

  1. Yes, hell is everything we do know already.

  2. The choice is between the Holy Spirit and the ego. I will continue to TRY and listen to the Holy Spirit when I have a choice! That is getting easier! Peace, Jamie

  3. Just keep saying What is the Troth here and then listening for an answer. Peace!

  4. Sun~Rose says:

    ““to hell with all I think I know”… ” This jumped out for Me too! Thank You Raj and Paul. Thank You Christos.

    And Love to You Miguel.

  5. miguel carvalho says:

    Hell with all I thought I know
    Silent attention
    Holy instant is mine now

  6. LOL… I just love it! After having learned this through practicing under the guidance of my Holy Spirit, it makes me laugh as I remember when I finally got “to hell with all I think I know”… The illumination and physical, tangible, mental and emotional miracles I’ve been graced with… and seeing others graced with, is simply off the chart (particularly my ego’s…lol). We’ve been guided what has been given as a ACIM Lab Class… to call it “Perfection Healing”. Spirit has given us tools for practicing the Holy Instance – which are like training wheels for learning to ride in the “truth of life”… It’s been a fantastic adventure and my gratitude simply runs over as I reflect on having experienced all that Raj has shared with us…short of Awakening completely. The Perfection, Clarity, of all that ever was and is most certainly within me… and the evidence of love is so rockingly cool to see everyday of my life! As my dear friend and lab classmate Ananda says, “Sin, sickness and death” just isn’t an option any more” and she’s right! So, so, true… blocks removed… Awareness of Love’s Presence revealed! WooHoo! As God told me one day, I’ve got the talent to do it all for all is of Him… He, Raj, the whole of the Celestial Realm is believing it for me until I believe it for myself, I need but be curious and willing to practice! You don’t master it, it becomes who you are…the Master Within that is already there!

    Thank You God! Thank You Raj! Thank You Paul and all who support the most beautiful expression of God’s Love! I’m so, so, grateful for your love! Christos

  7. Wanting what I do NOT want as if I want it, has brought me to a true desire to UN learn it.
    This old habit buried me in distraction of time and place, but true desire prompts and awakens from the dead!
    Staying open in welcoming and abiding with the Call to Wake, grows the eyes to see and ears to hear, in which the old habit is no longer given the keys to a Living Inheritance. Nor the means to define and dictate its limited and limiting existence as mine.

    The mind within the desire that lacks, withdraws from loving, by feeding its own appetites.
    The heart that desires to know, gives trust while breaking siege unarmed, for love is not withheld, and heals the mind of division as it reveals itself whole where it had seemed limited or lost.

    in Gratitude


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