The Spiritual Original

“Healing, without the evidence of healing, is nonsense.  Love, without the evidence of love, is nonsense.  Sanity, without the evidence of Sanity, is insanity.

The ‘miracle’ is not a means of manipulating the world or the human condition.  It is the redemption of one’s mind to the ‘spiritual original’ — the pure awareness of what God is being right where the misperception obscured it — with ‘signs following.’  Evidence!


Contemplation / September 3rd, 2002

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5 Responses to The Spiritual Original

  1. miguel carvalho says:

    Hurray for evidence. What you believe you see. What you see you Know. And there is only one thing to Know. When you Know Self You Know God. When You Know God You are Healed. and voila! the Evidence: the Spiritual Original. And then You rejoice…Co-creation!!!
    Thank You Paul and Raj.

  2. Very Good.
    “In the Name of” – means, “in the true nature of”. But name and form become subverted to wishful and therefore manipulative thinking.
    A wishing love is using of the names and forms of love’s association to substitute for what is truly loving.
    This is a hate masquerading as love – not as an actual presence, but as a wilful disregard of Presence. The healing of hate is its non-existence. The redeeming of our mind is our yielding even our ideas of love and trusting that the Nature of our being, reveals Itself Whole.
    In this ‘reconnection’ of awareness to – and as – the Presence of God, we can indeed Rejoice!
    But if we cling to and stop at the words with the meanings we want to assert, and thus feed the wishing love, we deprive ourselves and others of our willing love – which we may not think about at all – nor interrupt with wishing.
    There is no guilt in exercising an imagination – but guilt and fear and their chain reaction of defence, will always accompany it – if it is energised to ‘interrupt’ or ‘counter’ the movement of the wholeness of our being, and persist in that as an assertion of self in power.
    The “Spiritual Original”; Our Holy Father, Holy Be Thy Nature to our open heart.
    Welcome be to your Son, in which illusion is already forgiven.
    And as we release all fear of trespass, your knowing rejoices through ours.

    in Gratitude


    • Orinda says:

      [[The redeeming of our mind is our yielding even our ideas of love and trusting that the Nature of our being, reveals Itself Whole.]
      this opened meaning beyond the words … and delivered today’s prayed for clarity to begin the uprooting of an embedded way of distracting … thank you!

  3. sandy says:

    Always great to read the truth, thank you.

  4. Sun~Rose says:

    This is so wonderful, and happily congruent with the Course Lesson today

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