“Who and What You divinely Are is absolutely and totally present right now, and the process of Awakening is one of accessing your greater capacity to be aware — remembering Who You Are.”

Conversations with Raj / Vol. 2, No. 7

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9 Responses to Remembering

  1. Karen Torgeman says:

    Dear Paul and friends, have any of you listened to any of “mooji”on you tube, I have been doing a lot of his guided meditations, and listening to his talks, and it has made the above words have a much deeper meaning in me….would be interested to see what any of you think? Thank you so much Paul, for all you have given me these past 20 years, live to you all, Karen ❤

  2. Gail says:

    Thank you for sharing your visions and dreams as they are beautiful Calls to Love.

  3. Anastasia says:

    Thank you All for your sharing. I am learning in a new way here and as I continue go into the silence asking of the Holy Spirit “what is the Truth here” this awareness of Knowing WE are ALL Brothers and Sisters in whom God is well pleased continues to grow. The other morning I awoke from the most beautiful dream – We/Christ were singing a song, the BEAUTY of which I could never describe. The lyrics were simple….witnessing for what is Real in your Brother…… and the chorus was what I can only describe as a HARMONY of UNLIMITED VOICES!!! AHHHHHH!!!!

    What our Father has given has already been received!!!

  4. Sharon says:

    I wrote and shared the following this morning and it is God helping me to see and Know so that I can remember. Thank You God.
    Visions of Wholeness-Oneness
    This morning when I woke up I realized that I felt out of peace and had felt that way last night and I had asked for Help before I went to bed to see whatever I needed to see or for whatever the thoughts were that were blocking my peace to be cleansed by Holy Spirit.

    Soon I was reminded that everyone is my Self, literally, and that holding any thoughts of grievance, any thought not loving, is hating. We say dislike or a little angry and so on. There is no such thing. ACIM is very clear that the tiniest bit of anger is the same as rage, which means judgment against another; and judgments and mistaken beliefs are always what are our blocks to Love’s awareness.

    A few years ago a neighbor was angry at me and very rude to me and I got angry too. The thoughts of anger kept coming up and I asked for Help to ‘see’ her differently. I was given a Vision of a round container filled with beautiful, pastel colored, well.. what looked like marbles to me, except they looked soft somehow. As I looked at this Vision, I realized that the Whole Container and everything in it represented my Self. Then one of the marbles, to one side, became clear to me that It was my neighbor that I was angry with, and… that I was literally hating a part of my Self with my anger. We are One Holy Self, All beautiful Individual Expressions of the Father/Mother/God.

    And this morning in meditation I was given another vision. This one showed me the whole world, it looked like it was floating in space, with All of Us holding hands and surrounding the world. I Knew which on was me and I heard, “The one to your left is the Christ, and to their left is the Christ and the same all around the world, and the one to your right is holding the hand of Christ as well. Thus making sure that I included myself as well.

    I Know that all of this is and has been to help me ‘see’ everyone and everything differently, as part of my Self, Our Self, LITERALLY, for God is All, One Holy Self. That God is each brother/sister and all the animals and plants and trees, and every thing. God Is All.

    Thank You God for reminding me so clearly and showing me so clearly that We are LITERALLY One with You and You are the ONE. Amen

    In love and peace,

  5. In my heart I know this ,but my action s don’t always show it. I am continually asking the Holy Spirit to help me to live that Truth! Peace, Jamie

  6. miguel carvalho says:

    Thank You Raj and Paul,
    for never ceasing to remind us. And I would remember this for me and for everyone God has given to me. And will also remind them when possible and appropriate. I love You too.

  7. timoteo mccarthy says:

    to all my beautiful sisters and brothers

    well okay, one more time: ‘spititual’ transformation is no big deal. it’s your resistence that makes it seem like a big deal. and that you’re the one accomplishing the change, and taking credit for it, is what you make such a big deal out of. and generally pretending you’re not doing that.

    please remember, Awakening is not a change at all. it is simply a recognition of Who You Really Are.
    thank you and i love you all…

  8. Stops the ‘me’ in its tracks!
    As if i was going somewhere and the now had become a fleeting and compulsive moment between escaping and becoming.

    The Track of Now – I never did fall off it – into time. But in the urge to brake or control it – all of time seems to rise as if I came from ‘then’ and have been cut off by ‘since’.
    The capacity to coercively manipulate thought is not our greater or indeed divine capacity to be aware. Yet the habit to identify with the doer as if it actually had power over anything but our own lens – AND – as if we actually WANT such power, persists until replaced.
    This strange desire usurps what we divinely are moved to behold, and to recognize, love and share in. It provides a sense of self that isn’t true, to limit what we actually and always are, so as to persist within a limited reality, framed by a fantasy of our own making.
    These ‘tracks’ of a false identification lead forever out from a false sense and can never express a true fulfilment. So the desire – the need – to know truth, is the command to stop the ‘me’ in its tracks.
    A true command is not of one part over another – but of a wholeness of desire – an awakened desire.
    So the desire for a greater power than ‘me’ to stop the madness and Let Peace In is a prelude to the willingness to accepting that power in safety and trust.
    When the movement of being expresses consciously through us – our perspective is lifted from a linear and limited perspective in which a private sense of getting had prevailed over a tangibly shared being. This perspective is inherent to the gift of awareness Itself.

  9. Sun~Rose says:

    YES! Wonderful. Thank You both.

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