“You are not a body, but you are not bodiless.  You are not without that which identifies you.  And yes, you are still free to be as God created you . . . which means you are still free
to be the Mind — the conscious awareness — in which all experience of Creation occurs, in which all Ideas of Mind are experienced as being substantial to the Mind that formed them, but without ever becoming less than the Idea that is rendered visible.

To become less than the Idea would be to become the visibility — the identification — and that is not what you are.  And that is the misperception that Awakening pulls you out of.”

ACIM Study Group / November 12th, 2012

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2 Responses to Bodiless?

  1. Sun~Rose says:

    Dejà vu in reading this. Thank You Both.

  2. Brian Steere says:

    The self-validating loop of identification, feels to come out of – or at least be made dense, by saying no! to What Is – to What I am.
    I felt I had to choice back when for I had no preparation of perspective in which to see. Identification with the born existence allowed no perspective to enter.
    But I did catch a glimpse that that was, and through that part of my mind that isn’t involved in my drama, the ‘memory’ of something that hasn’t and cant altogether be denied isnt! (denied).
    Hiding a mind in a body in a world is guilty and fearful and its sense of body is a means to keep in and keep out – to separate so as to bring some sense of stability and order to a mind in confusion. Albeit an upside down one. It is not real – but I have sort of made it substantial to myself.
    Inviting a way of acceptance by releasing the identification – by not energising it – has opened a different body; a medium of communication that becomes transparent to the music of life.
    The story of my death can be no more real than the born existence – yet the love that is what I had called my life, seen from a true perspective.
    In writing this I saw that the ‘I’ that says no and has a drama of distracting, is a phantom, for as a correction showed me in editing above, it is active energised identification that denies access to a whole perspective while it is engaged – which is the birth of the ‘I’ thought, as a separated sense and not an act OF the ‘I’ thought.
    There is a relief in this clarification, and though you haven’t overtly spoken, it occurred in your company, so thankyou.

    in Gratitude


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