When I Say “Godless Acts” . . .

“When you stop using your body to provide the force to make things happen and you enter into the holy instant to join with the Holy Spirit — which is the Father’s Perspective and is nothing more than your right Mind —
you will find pain and false pleasure disappearing.  And the threat of their being taken away will disappear and the threat of their effects will disappear because now you are functioning in the arena where God’s laws prevail.  You see?

But it only happens in the release of the body as a tool for accomplishing Godless acts.  And when I say, “Godless acts,” I mean acts in which God was not brought into the picture and with Whom you are not engaging in actions.  You see?

ACIM Study Group / November 12th, 2012

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5 Responses to When I Say “Godless Acts” . . .

  1. Anastasia says:

    There is a beautiful Rumi poem that this message inspired me to recall that has to due with…what good are swimming skills when one is in an ocean without shores. Much was stirred up in me in reading Raj’s letter regarding Paul. Over the last few days I have had the opportunity to learn and experience much and now find mySelf in a new place…. deeply moved in greater allowance of defenselessness and as a result am feeling the miracle/blessing of Love. Thank you All……Raj, Paul, Susan, Brian & Sun-Rose; your messages brought it Home, and Pam; for having on your website just what I seem to need when I seem to need it, as this onion continues to be peeled away!

  2. Sun~Rose says:

    Indeed the Truth! Step by step We learn, and sometimes We get an experience that is a quantum leap! Much Love to all three of You: Raj and Paul and Sue!

  3. sandy says:

    Thank you.

  4. Gail says:

    You call us to remember what we want so want to remember. Thank you.

  5. Yes, I see. To use the body, and by extension, all forms, as the assertion of self limiting definition, sets the arena for a personal sense of power to act upon and get from, as well as be as one acted upon, and suffering.
    Making things happen’ becomes the default sense of a necessity to survive and maximise control over a situation as well as protection against it. All of which is loveless illusion proceeding from a false appetite for a private sense of Creation as if it offers something different and valuable to us.
    But the force of a limiting intent doesn’t actually create anything except an experience of limitation.
    The mind’s capacity to filter and distort it experience is a bit like a drug, that can access and manipulate life energies as if they are simply available to be exploited – and fought over. This is a process of depletion and loss – such that the subtler aspects are lost to a gross association of stimulation and control.
    To use the body for communication rather than control is to invite and allow communion – to relax and feel life and allow its subtler qualities to rise – without triggering the exploitative mind and its spin into fear and attempt to control. For all things are in their true nature communication, and are part of you as you are part of them – in God. In the opening awareness of recognition of being.
    Where the ego makes a religion of what is God extending and God-less, it tends to elevate some forms of behaviour and vilify others. But an honesty of being does not need a religion of guilt to control or direct the movement of love’s wholeness. Love does not act upon, but joins with, in acceptance, recognition and extension of oneness. What is not love, is not energised, with attention, definition and reaction. This willingness to pause and listen and trust and feel, is the simple practice of honesty and it transforms our lives by revealing love’s presence as the true movement of Life. Beneath the definitions and assertions of a false and fragmenting sense of power that arises from a Godless act. Awakening to that we are essentially hurting ourself, is an opportunity to stop it. Awakening to that God is our Life, unlimited and beyond hurt, is an opportunity to release the guilt that keeps us in lovelessness – and be Homed in love’s expression.

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