Needs Are Where . . .

Dear friends,

After unexpected leg surgery and almost three-and-a-half months of rehabilitation, Paul is back at home making sense out of the very specific steps of consciously embracing Wholeness that he had to go through, while at the same time having to abandon being pissed off at the unceremonious  interruption of a spiritually fulfilling life, which he thought would surely preclude such an event.

Humility is easily lost when spiritual growth is conceptualized — translated into behavioral patterns, reasonable order, socially accepted and agreed-upon “understandings” — and one stops paying attention to needs.

Needs are where Creation is emerging anew and waiting for your recognition and acknowledgment — your part in co-creation.  It matters not whether they meet the imagined criteria you have established which determine whether they are legitimate objects of your attention.  In fact, if you have determined that needs, themselves, represent a false claim about the Life divine and are, therefore, illegitimate, you will withhold your attention from “the making of all things new,” which they actually are, and not fulfill your part in Creation.  You will also delay your Awakening.

When your attention is reduced to postage-stamp size — the bed you’re lying in, and you in it — and the only thing you can bring to the two-step is your awareness of your need right there in the bed . . . when everything else that isn’t getting your attention, because you can’t wrap your mind around it makes you feel utterly handicapped, vulnerable and angry, you have lost connection with the need.  The restoration of Wholeness will occur only in the experience of need which you can bring into the holy instant.  It will not occur in the experience of need which you cannot wrap your mind around.

It is humiliating to have to find God in you, in a bed in which you cannot do anything, and yet it is the one place where Wholeness must be found.  You cannot justify panic.  You must justify peace.  You must justify the use of your mind which places you where God’s laws prevail.

Let’s say it again, another way:

It is inspiring, transformational, healing to have to find God in you, in a bed in which you cannot do anything, when that is the only place where Wholeness can be found.  “But, I shouldn’t be here,” you say.  “This shouldn’t have happened to me,” you say.  “Why didn’t God or my Guide protect me?” you ask.  “Why have I Listened for Guidance,” you wonder.  “What good has it done for me to study the Course?”

All of these mental knee-jerk responses overlook, ignore and deny the irrefutable and ultimate nature of the sentence before them:

It is inspiring, transformational, healing to have to find God in you, in a bed in which you cannot do anything, when that is the only place where Wholeness can be found.

Indeed, what good has it done for you to study the Course when you ask such a question instead of practicing what the Course teaches right in the presence of need?

Whatever the apparent capacity of your mind in an emergency or unexpected situation, the call is the same as when you are in your full capacity:  Fulfill your part as co-creator with God.  Such consistency will cause the “making of all things new” to be recognizably fulfilling, whether the movement seems to be slow or fast.

Let’s face it:  The Movement of Creation says nothing about you.  If it calls for something to be present — “the something new” — that isn’t present yet, do not play into the ego’s suggestion that there must be something wrong with you or you would see it already.  As co-creator with God, you simply and humbly engage in the two-step.  You shut up!  You inquire:  What is the Truth here?  And you listen with an innocent mind.

I have said before that, “Everything is grist for the mill.”  Anything is worthy of being brought into the holy instant.  No one is too good to have a problem, when a problem is the threshold of Creation to be recognized and acknowledged, confirming God and your divine Sonship — Wholeness.

It’s the truth!

Kingston, Washington
March 11th, 2013


During the past three-and-a-half months, everyone’s ongoing
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The need for financial support is greater than 
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14 Responses to Needs Are Where . . .

  1. sandy says:

    Back again after re-reading and this – i SO FEEL the truth in this – and experience has shown me in the past how important this is to understand. Thank you so much!!

  2. mikejm2013 says:

    I have been experiencing a very tough time where the need for yielding is very strong, yet it is hard to see where my good will unfold – or when. There seems to be a need for patience, or a lack of impatience, but it is difficult to wait when the need feels so strong, the need to find fulfillment. I think I get in the way of my own fulfillment by defining what it must be. I am reminded of the recent post, “The element of trust increases the visibility of your good.” It is like I think I can do it alone, or that trust will not allow me to enjoy life. The need is to relax, not try so hard, and “shut up”, ask what is the Truth here? and then listen to the answer. And trust that what God wills for me will be something I would find very fulfilling, more so than whatever I would come up with. “I do not perceive my own best interests.” And it can take time for things to unfold. “I can choose peace instead of this.” Thank you Raj and Paul. I see no one is immune from problems! Yet, “Let me recognize my problems have been solved.” Peace everyone.

  3. Anastasia says:

    Paul, Thank You for your great willingness and Love for Us.

  4. miguel carvalho says:

    Thank You Paul for your always living example. I am enriched and feel confirmed and understand my own recent experienced. I am blessed to have you in my life this way and every way you have been. Thank You Raj and Susan and Chris and Judy et al.

  5. Martha Rose says:

    Heartfelt warm wishes are sent to you Paul and Susan. So glad to hear the good news your home and all is well.

  6. Julie Sheridan says:

    Reading this post this morning, moved me to tears. But then I forgot about it for the rest of the day and ‘enjoyed’ being caught up in the usual dramas.
    I found this bit especially touching and comforting though..
    “Let’s face it: The Movement of Creation says nothing about you. If it calls for something to be present — “the something new” — that isn’t present yet, do not play into the ego’s suggestion that there must be something wrong with you or you would see it already.”
    Redundancy and a temporary accommodation means that ‘ the something new’ will need to occur at the end of April. I am in a blank state of not knowing what, where, when or how things will unfold and turn out. Which appears to have sent my ego into overdrive due to the apparent severity and insecurity of the situation.
    It feels like a real blessing to read these words today and to know that not knowing is okay.
    With gratitude

  7. Hello Raj,
    And thankyou Paul, for your willingness.
    I notice that Raj says nothing about you but that you serve as a model for his Teaching to all of us – that illuminates what we truly are.
    And we don’t get to meet you or interact with you excepting as a willingness to share or extend a gift and in sort of administrative messages. I wonder if ‘Paul’ is to serve as a model for the reintegration of being – in such a way that reflects the unselfconscious sharing of the presence that God is Moving – whilst also joining you, Raj in shared Purpose?

    On unexpected episodes and events…
    Surely the voice that questions ‘what good it has done me’ is the revealing of the wish.
    The uncovering of the wish is the releasing (to the light) of a false foundation or motivation – even if such release is preceded by and associated with humiliation, anger and frustration which also witness to a wilfulness being asserted. It ‘takes whatever it takes’ is what comes to mind – for the integrity of You to rise to your full acceptance.

    The ‘undoing’ of a wish is not in our mind alone – for that wish isn’t true either. So our ‘journey through ‘time and space’ is not at random and nor does it speak the narrative of a fragmented storytelling of broken loves.

    I trust you, Paul, are not trying to ‘makes sense’ out of what already makes perfect sense.
    There is nothing so hellish as to becoming identified with our own thinking, though until the dream turns to nightmare, we don’t tend to notice this. And is our life not an expression of a willingness to heal?
    I went to hospital yesterday and was in the opportunity to share blessing where another time I might be calling to be restored to the awareness of love’s blessing. Whatever else limitation or mortality might or might not be – its imminence offers the circumstance in which to get real – honest to God real. Peace extendingly real,
    And then the mind drifts off again when the ‘need’ is no longer associated with urgency – as if the Prodigal Son forgets over and over and over again.
    The wish for the world is deeply hidden in our mind – and feels a confusion of the desire to love and be loved?
    Allowing the mind of confusion into the light is also simply releasing a wilfulness of heart.

    I don’t write to ‘tell you’ or anyone – but as a willingness for communication to occur in this now.
    I don’t necessarily expect a reply through this blog, but I do feel the shift when I abide in such willingness and in that sense feel the call and the answer and Love’s sharing are one.

    in Love’s blessing

  8. margaret benton says:

    thank you for sharing …
    I have been told there is blockage in my legs and neck. it keeps me awake nights. when
    i listen to Raj’s meditatios i become more soothed than listening to doctors. I am also on oxygen.
    .Is it possible to get some cds with statements of Truth and His meditations so I can play them near my bed to fall asleep by and “keep my Mind stayed on TRUTH “.

  9. Sun~Rose says:

    so glad You’re home again! “All’s well that ends well.”

  10. Jackie Smith says:

    Thank you, Thank you very much. Paul, I see myself in you. I faced surgery pretty well, but when I had to go back into the hospital I was really ticked. Krista stood at the foot of my bed and said, “Mother, if you want to be healed you have to stop this anger”. Healing can come in many ways but never in anger. My love to you, Susan and Raj Jackie Smith

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